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Trial approaching for man charged in death of Shea Stremcha; sign up now to attend and show support

Jeff and Leanne Stremcha would appreciate a show of community support at the upcoming jury trial. (For background, see this July 20, 2011 blog post, R.I.P.: Former Northfielder Shea Stremcha shot and killed in his Minneapolis home.)

Shea StremchaA trial date has been set for Semaj Williams, one of two men charged with first degree murder in the death of Shea Stremcha.  Jury selection is expected to begin on Tuesday, May 15 with the trial itself likely beginning on Monday, May 21. Shea was killed during an invasion of his home located in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood in south Minneapolis on July 20, 2011.  Williams has pleaded not guilty of the crime.

We (Shea’s parents) are hoping that approximately 15-20 friends will attend each day of the actual trial as a show of support for Shea. Jury selection is expected to last 3-5 days w/ the trial following. The trial is expected to last 5-7 days.

Shea Stremcha Trial Attendance Signup FormTo that end, an online sign-up process has been established to help facilitate attendance to the proceeding and to try to prevent over/under attendance.  The courtroom will have a total of 42 ‘observer’ seats and roughly one-third will be reserved for immediate family members on each side of the case.  After that, seating is on a first come, first served basis. Anyone planning to attend, is asked to complete this online sign-up form.

All trial activities are held in room 1456, Tower C, of the Hennepin County Govt Center on S 6th Street between 3rd Ave S and S 4th Ave in downtown Minneapolis.  Hennepin County District Judge, The Honorable Marilyn Kaman, will hear the case which will be prosecuted by Assistant County Attorneys Therese Galatowitsch and Sarah Hilleren.  Williams is being defended by Katie Rindfleisch of the Kamrath Law Group.

Jeff and Leanne Stremcha

Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund created by the Stremcha family

Northfielders Jeff and Leanne Stremcha have created a legacy fund in honor of their son Shea who would have turned 26 years old today. This flyer, Honoring Shea Stremcha: a Lasting Legacy (PDF), has the details:

Honoring Shea Stremcha - a lasting legacyThe fund will support community building with emphases on improving financial literacy and support for the arts—goals that were important to Shea. We hope the fund can become a permanent legacy of Shea’s generous spirit.

We would be especially honored to have family and friends consider making contributions to Shea’s Legacy Fund as part of their annual charitable giving as a way to help remember Shea.

Minneapolis Foundation - Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund donation
Visit the Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund page on the Minneapolis Foundation’s website to make a donation.

Jeff and Leanne also want to make available the text of the eulogy (PDF) delivered by Shea’s brother Jesse.

Shea Stremcha - eulogy by Jesse StremchaTo help mark the occasion of our beloved Shea’s 26th birthday this Friday, his parents and siblings invite all of Shea’s family and friends to reflect, in some personal way, on how he touched their lives.

To help us remember and honor him, we have decided to publish the eulogy delivered by his brother, Jesse, at Shea’s remembrance and burial service on July 26.