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Photos: Kids bicycle races at the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival. How about for Northfield?

The kids bike races at last weekend’s Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival in Crosby, MN were a huge hit: lots of kids participating, lots of people watching and cheering with big smiles.

The kids were grouped into four age categories (something like ages 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-10) and they rode one loop on the grass around the edge of Crosby Memorial Park, adjacent to the bandstand and cook shack. The top three finishers in the two youngest classes then ran a second race, as well as the top three finishers in the two oldest classes.  The parents of those 12 kids then raced each other, competing on their kids’ bikes.  Hilarious.

I think kids bicycle races would be a great addition to one of Northfield’s community celebrations, most obviously the 4th of July when the bike criterium is held downtown, or on the Saturday of the Defeat of Jesse James weekend when the Northfield Rotary Club holds its Jesse James Bike Tour.

Could one of the local bicycle shops take on the organization of the event, or maybe some other non-profit or association?   It could be held close to downtown, eg, Ames Park, Central Park, Riverside Park, or Babcock Park.

See my album of two dozen photos of the kids bike races, view the large slideshow (recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Dedication ceremony for the Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge set for Saturday

Peggy Prowe Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge Rotary logo Tour d' Art poster
Saturday’s Tour d’ Art bike tour (part of ArtSwirl) begins with a dedication ceremony for the Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge, part of the Mill Towns Trail. There’s now a bronze Rotary International plaque on the bridge, as the Northfield Rotary Club has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the bridge, primarily via its annual Jesse James Bike Tour. See the poster (PDF) for more details.