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Civic Stories Project photo essay #10: Jessica Peterson White

See photo essay #1 for background on the Civic Stories Project series that I’m blogging here on LoGro.


See the background page on Jessica Peterson White and the St. Olaf students involved, both those in the AmCon class and those in Professor Meg Ojala‘s Intermediate Photography class.


Miss Jessica and Miss Astrid urge you to show up for Miss Representation

I got an email from Jessica Peterson White this week about the documentary Miss Representation that’s coming to Carleton College’s Weitz Center for Creativity Cinema next week (press release):

Miss RepresentationLWV and Carleton are co-hosting this film screening on Monday the 7th, and I thought you might be interested — perhaps even interested in posting about it on Locally Grown? Here’s the trailer. (There’s a shorter one you can watch here, too, if you have 3 minutes but not 8.) 

It’s a really important topic, and a very cool film. And an amazing set of panelists for the discussion afterwards, to boot! Let me know if you have questions.

Jessica Peterson White and daughter Astrid
Jessica stopped by my office at GBM this morning with her daughter Astrid for the requisite photo op.

Superintendent Chris Richardson: He’s not a real doctor!

Superintendent Chris RichardsonIn a town with a thousand PhD’s, nobody refers to or addresses any of them with ‘Dr.’ or ‘Doctor.’ 

But for some reason, KYMN (example here) and the League of Women Voters of Northfield (example here) use it with the superintendent of schools. The Northfield News used to do it (2008 example here) but appears to have discontinued it.  I was glad to see that Northfield Patch did NOT do this last week in its first district-related story. Not even the school district itself does it, sticking instead to "Superintendent Richardson" in its minutes, though some school board members have a tendency to address him as ‘Doctor’ during the course of a board meeting.

I have nothing against Chris Richardson or the previous Northfield District superintendents, but IMHO, only medical physicians should be addressed as ‘Doctor’ or have the ‘Dr.’ in front of their names. Why treat superintendents as if they’re somehow special?

Our local college presidents (one has a Doctor of Philosophy/PhD, the other a Juris Doctor/JD) don’t get the Doctor/Dr. treatment from KYMN (example here). Not even former school superintendent Charlie Kyte (example here) does. So if they don’t, then neither should Richardson.

How about it, Jeff? How about it, Jessica?

Frost Whores win trivia contest at Northfield.org’s WinterNet party

Griff Wigley and Doug BratlandDoug Bratland and I (photo by Jane McWilliams) joined forces with Alex Beeby and David Gonnerman to form Team Frost Whores to compete in the trivia contest at Thursday night’s Northfield.org WinterNet party at the Contented Cow. We whupped ‘em all!

I very much appreciated 1) a personal invitation to the party from Board Chair Nate White; and 2) Jessica Peterson White (the "Quiz Mistress") including this question in the trivia contest: “What local web site referred the most traffic to Northfield.org during 2009?”

See Jane’s blog post for links to her photo album/slideshow.

Business is booming at the Fine Craft Collective

Fine Craft CollectiveI blogged about the grand opening of the Fine Craft Collective (next door to KYMN’s studios on the north end of Division St.) last month but I was out of town at the time. I finally got there last night during Winter Walk. Wow, what a great looking gallery. Some photos:

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