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Lunch with John and Nancy: police presence really not all that necessary

Nancy Amerman, Griff Wigley, John GeorgeIt’s not often I get treated to a meal with my LoGro hat on, but it happened yesterday. My beneficiaries: regular commenter and resident punster John George; and Nancy Amerman, an occasional object of my blog spoofs.  We ate at the HideAway Coffeehouse & Winebar.

John and Nancy are members of Transformation Northfield and Nancy is a member of Rejoice! Church.  Both organizations have been the subject of, um, my critical attention here on LoGro (TN tags here, Rejoice! tags here).

Was I worried?

plainclothes Northfield police officer in really plain clothesInitially, no, but when I noticed a plainclothes Northfield police officer (once again in really plain clothes) pretending to be reading a newspaper at an adjacent table, it gave me pause.  Was he expecting things to get out of hand? And how did he know we’d be there? Was he following me on Foursquare? Tracking my tweets? Does he know where I live?

As it turned out, we didn’t even talk religion so violence wasn’t an issue.  We kept to non-controversial topics, like politics.  We had fun, as you can see. So no worries. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

Negotiations with Transformation Northfield degenerate into finger pointing of biblical proportions

John George and Griff WigleyLong-time Transformation Northfield member John George and I met yesterday morning in my corner office at the GBM in an attempt to reconcile our differences since the big discussion about TN.

We were making considerable progress towards détente but in the end, we could not come to agreement as to who should pay for coffee. A summit is scheduled for April 14 at the next TN breakfast where John is a presenter.

Update 3/21: David Koenig was kind enough to take the photo. He then told us to keep it down as we were disturbing him and other patrons.

A man and his machine: John George

John George with his snow blower heated grips 

I asked regular LoGro commenter John George to send me pictures of his fancy snow blower. He finally complied and wrote:

John GeorgeIt takes a 30" swath and is powered by a 357 cc engine. That is about the same size as the old 11 1/2 HP engines. Someone checked an engine a couple years ago and discovered it didn’t quite put out the HP it claimed, so there was a big lawsuit. Now, the engines are just rated by cylinder displacement.

The picture of the wires going into the handle grip show how they are heated. That is the best invention since sliced bread. No more cold, numb hands. I don’t have a way to haul it, or I would bring it over to your place for a demonstration. Aw shucks!

For you clueless types, there is a difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower.