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Aug. 10 Northfield City Council primary election: what do we know about the candidates?

Aug. 10 primary ballotsThe primary election for two Northfield City Council seats is one month away: August 10. 


  • Norman Butler
  • Steve Engler
  • Rhonda Pownell (incumbent)

Ward 4

  • Jon Denison (incumbent)
  • Patrick Ganey
  • Dale Gehring

I was hoping there’d be some information online about or by the candidates by now but alas, I can’t find any other than the City’s Absentee Voting info page/PDF and the Ward/Precinct Map:

WTF! Haven’t the candidates heard about the intertubes? Social media anyone? Hello? This is 2010, not 1999.

I guess we’re going to have either make stuff up about them or flush them out into the e-open.

Update 7/30: Here are photos I took at the League of Women Voters candidates forum on 7/28:

League of Women Voters candidates forum on 7/29 League of Women Voters candidates forum on 7/28 Norman Butler, Rhonda Pownell, Steve Engler Dale Gehring, Jon Denison, Patrick Ganey

Councilor Jon Denison’s Ward 4 meeting

Councilor Jon Denison’s Ward 4 meeting at Tyler ParkNorthfield City Councilor Jon Denison held a Ward 4 meeting on Saturday morning at 9 am in Tyler Park.  Over the course of the 90 minutes, 7 citizens attended. In addition, Councilor Kris Vohs was there at the beginning for 20 minutes or so. Councilor Rhonda Pownell came at about 9:30 and stayed till the end. City Administrator Joel Walinski was there for the entire meeting, as was League of Women Voters City Hall observer Jane McWilliams.

Podcast: Councilor Jon Denison

Griff Wigley, Jon Denison, Ross Currier, Our guest this week, Northfield City Councilor Jon Denison (4th Ward), fresh from a week with fellow Northfielders at the Blandin Community Leadership Program retreat

We focused on communications issues, natch, but also touched on the Northfield Safety Center. In November, Jon was the only councilor to vote against the plan to reuse the existing Safety Center location for new fire station and build a police station at a new location.

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Streetlight utility discussions continuing

Damaged streetlightGiven the condition of this streetlight at 3rd St. and Hwy 3 on Monday, it may appear that those who are against the proposed streetlight fee (tax?) are taking matters into their own hands.

Not true. But it’s still a hot issue. Listen to Councilor Jon Denison’s comments on KYMN last Friday; and see the discussion attached to Councilor Betsey Buckheit’s Oct. 11 blog post, where she starts out:

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Councilor Jon Denison responds to issues raised at Chamber forum

Northfield City Council member Jon Denison Northfield City Council member Jon Denison stopped by my corner office at GBM on Monday to chat. He appeared on the Wayne Eddy Affair last Friday on KYMN radio, speaking at length about the issues that were raised at last week’s Chamber forum with business and property owners (streetlights fee, safety center, taxes, etc.)

See the blog post with the audio Flash player or download the MP3.

Podcast: 2/3 of the Triumvirate on public input

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

lg-banner-triumvirate-poster-x-rossIt was just me and Tracy yesterday as Ross was prepping for the Action Steps for Infill and Redevelopment open house at the Grand. We spend part of the show talking about topics related to next week’s NCO/Northfield.org annual meeting where they’re having a panel discussion titled Beyond Letters to the Editor: How everyday people can be heard in Northfield. Related to that, of course, is the Council’s current effort to review all aspects of public input/engagement. Councilor Erica Zweifel is participating in the discussion thread here on LoGro attached to the blog post Public engagement for the City of Northfield: Councilors want to know what should be changed and she’ll be a guest on our show next week to talk more about it. Continue reading Podcast: 2/3 of the Triumvirate on public input

Should Councilor Denison have abstained from voting on the Rental Board appointments?

Jon Dennison Northfield 4th Ward City Councilor Jon Denison voted against the appointment of Andrew Berglund and David Geist to the Rental Board at last Monday’s Council meeting, even though he abstained on a similar vote last September. According to Jane McWilliams’ LWV Observer report:

Councilor Jon Denison had requested that the second reading amending the Rental Housing ordinance be removed from the consent agenda, and placed on the regular one. At a previous meeting he had opposed the first reading, and now said the membership should be increased to 7, rather than reduced to recommended 5 (in order to avoid potential tie votes). His concern at this meeting was there were not sufficient stakeholders, specifically tenant’s represented. He later requested that the council take action separately on the mayor’s nominees for membership on the board (Andrew Berglund, landlord and David Geist, contractor) because they were not tenants. Councilors Denison and Zweifel voted against the appointments of those candidates.

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