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  • Video: "Bessie" the Just Food Co-op cow on eating locally produced food, even in winter in Minnesota
  • Video: Dave Minar, owner of Cedar Summit Farm
  • Video: Bob Ciernia, president of the Just Food Co-op Board of Directors, talks about local produce

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Chris Heimerl from Eagan-based Spooky All Natural Gourmet Hot Sauces also had an aisle stand at Just Food Co-op on Saturday. After I snarfed down several of his samples (“made…




[This is a sample advertorial blog post, an edited version of an actual blog post from late Dec. See the advertising discussion here on LG for more.]


Co-op membership drive bannerCo-op membership drive meterJust Food Co-op (AKA the Northfield Community Co-op) is in the middle of a campaign for new members, as you can see from these store photos (click thumbnails to enlarge) I took recently of the new member-o-meter (currently at 40, aiming for 50), and the ownership banner.

Just Food Coop LogoMy wife Robbie and I have been members since they opened and we probably shop there 2-3 times a week. For years after we moved to town in the mid-70s, we watched various attempts to create a Northfield food coop flounder so we were thrilled when a group of locals got organized and pulled it off. (See the Just Food Co-op Grand Opening Dec. 2004 photo album.)

Although we don’t yet spend 100% of our food dollars there (see Co-op Owner and General Manager Melanie Reid’s letter below), we keep increasing it as we try to become better frugalistas (Nov. 24 blog post).

Tracy Davis, Rollie Jacobsen, Ross CurrerThe LG Triumvirate often has staff meetings there in the aisles, which has occasionally led to tomato fights like this one (right) between Ross and Tracy in 2006. Rollie Jacobsen failed miserably to mediate the dispute.

Keep reading for an excerpt from the Dec/Jan issue of The Compost (PDF) in which General Manager Melanie Reid has an article titled Invest in Something You Can Feel Good About: A call to action from your General Manager.

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