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It’s April in December so get out there and bike

Justin London, Neil Lutsky, Joe Pahr, Merrill Lutsky Mountain bikers at Battle Creek Park Reserve
With no snow and temps in the 40s and 50s the past couple of days, it’s good to be a bicyclist.

Left: On Christmas Day afternoon, these members of the Cannon Valley Velo Club rode from Bridge Square to Cannon Falls and back. L to R: Justin London, Neil Lutsky (Santa Claus), Joe Pahr, and Merrill Lutsky.

Right:  I met these guys yesterday (L to R: Tim Larson, David Gavin, Eric Marr and Dan Malecha; Dan is a cousin of Arlen and Galen) while mountain biking the Battle Creek Park Reserve mountain bike trail system on the east side of St. Paul. (Details on my Mountain Bike Geezer blog here.)

Friday night at the Cow: patrons get popcorn, New Moon Trio gets a new voice, CAC gets some donations

Contented Cow's new popcorn machine Hannah Button-Harrison with the New Moon Trio Hannah Button-Harrison

Optimum Trajectory at the Contented Cow Northfield Community Action Center Optimum Trajectory at the Contented Cow
The crowd at the Contented Cow got a treat last night:

A green roof grows; but what about white?

 Betsey Buckheit and Justin London green roof installation green roof installation green roof installation
Blogger and Northfield City Councilor Betsey Buckheit and her main squeeze, Justin London, installed a green roof (see more info on the Minnesota Green Roofs Council site) on a portion of their house on Saturday with more than a little help from friends and neighbors.

green roof installation green roof installation green roof installation Betsey Buckheit
(Click any thumbnail and then scroll left or right through the gallery. The green arrow displays a larger size.)

In Thursday’s NY Times: White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters.