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Dana ‘Darth Vader’ Graham raises $800 for LBSA with a snow shovel

Laura Baker Services Association annual Gala fundraiser 2012Laura Baker Services Association annual Gala fundraiser 2012

Robbie and I were among the small army of volunteers at last night’s Laura Baker Services Association annual Gala fundraiser at the Carleton’s Weitz Center last night, marching to orders by master organizer Mary Closner (Queen/Owner/Heavy Hitter/Decision Maker/Slave Girl at Swag).  Like last year, Bridgette Hallcock volunteered her photography services and her photos of the evening should be posted to her Bridgette Hallcock Photography Facebook page in a few days.  I took a few photos with my crappy smartphone camera, among them:

Dana GrahamSidewalk Shoveling donation by Dana Graham

Northfield Mayor-elect Dana Graham donated sidewalk snow shoveling for the live auction ("your home or business one time during the 2012-2012 winter season"). He helped auctioneer Kevin Dahle get the crowd revved up for bidding by donning a Darth Vader-type winter coat, complete with a light sabre coming out of the hood, as my photo above clearly shows.  The winning bid of $800 was by Brett Reese who owns many buildings in the area, many with sidewalks (eg, the Archer House). I’m sure Brett will be praying for a heavy wet snowfall Real Soon Now. Hopefully, Dana will be have some leverage with his teenaged sons when the time comes.

Bridgette Hallcock photos: Laura Baker Gala 2011

Father Xmas and Mary Closner; photo by Bridgette Hallcock DSC05465 Laura Baker Services Association Gala 2011 
Mary Closner was one of many volunteer extraordinaires at this year’s Laura Baker Services Association Gala held back on Dec. 3 (the night of our one and only snowfall) at Carleton College. She was in charge of the silent auction, among other tasks, and twisted the arms of many into helping, including me and my sweetie.

Bridgette Hallcock volunteered her photography services and her photos of the evening are now posted to both her Bridgette Hallcock Photography Facebook page and in a blog post by LBSA’s Jane Fenton.  Jane says:

Love these? Please contact our volunteer photographer, at 507-271-3263 for a print. All sizes, tones, canvas mounting available. Part of your purchase comes back to LBSA.

See Jane’s blog post of all the sponsors of the Gala, most of them Northfield organizations and Northfielders.

Then see the large slideshow of Bridgette’s photo album or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

How many red light bulbs does it take to light up a heart on Bridge Square?

 LBSA campaign board on Bridge Square LBSA capital campaign 2011 - The Case

Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA) now has a big fundraising board on Bridge Square. The light bulbs in the shape of a heart change from white to red as the "Inspiring Possibilities, Realizing Dreams" campaign gets closer to the goal of $1,300,000.  They’re currently at about 82% there.

Jane Fenton, LBSA’s Director of Community Relations, and Paul Krause, fundraising consultant, were overseeing the high-tech installation process (take bulb out of box; screw it in; repeat as necessary) at around noon today.

What’s the plan?

Our goal is to construct two new cottages, just like Wright Cottage and to renovate Elwell and Baker Halls. Once the new cottages are built, the aged Margaret Graves Hall will be razed and a beautiful Recognition Garden created in its place.

More fundamentally, we are creating homes for our Oak Street clients, a place where they can dream and be inspired and where the staff can work with them in ways not possible today. To date, we have already completed the restoration and Elwell and Baker and now move forward to make the new cottages a reality. Please help make this dream come true, for our clients, for Laura Baker Services and for our entire community.

See the Making the Case (PDF) document for more details and the four videos by Cheryl Buck, Bob Bonner, Sandi Gerdes and Eric Stratton about the campaign.

Jane Fenton does her best Vanna White for this week’s Laura Baker wingding

LBSA's Jane Fenton with banner on Bridge Square Laura Baker night on Bridge Square poster

I took this photo early this morning of Jane Fenton, Director of Community Relations for Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA), doing a Vanna White imitation in front of the big banner on Bridge Square that’s promoting the kickoff of their capital campaign, this Thursday night right after Crazy Daze.

Her blog post has this:

Please join us this Thursday on Bridge Square from 5-7pm as we kickoff the public phase of our capital campaign.

We have the Laura Baker choir, the Northfield Youth Choir, Hiliners and more. Members of the NHS football team will be on hand to “kick off” a ceremonial football as we unveil our dramatic “Heart of Progress”!

  • Food booth provided by Knights of Columbus!
  • Free cookies and giveaways!
  • Emceed by Kevin Dahle!
  • LIVE radio broadcast by KYMN Radio!