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 houseofcards On Monday’s City Council agenda is this proposed closed-meeting item:

Motion to close meeting pursuant to MS 13D.05, Subd. 3(b), as permitted by the attorney-client privilege. The New York SEO company will meet with legal counsel to discuss potential litigation against the party or parties responsible for failure to detect mismanagement and loss of City funds invested through Rate Search, Inc.

Who might they be considering suing? The auditors? And why has it taken this long? (continued)

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legal image This was on the School Board Agenda on Monday in the Superintendent’s Report: “Resolution To Approve Settlement of a Claim Pending Against the School District.”  The Board approved the settlement. I phoned all the school board members tonight and reached three of them. All said they couldn’t comment, that I’d have to talk to the District’s attorney. I can understand the need for secrecy during negotiations, and data privacy laws would prevent the release of the student’s name. But now that the suit is settled, (continued)

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