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He’s baaaack! Lee Lansing’s ramping up for Xmas tree sales

Old Tires PlusI drove by the old Tires Plus site at 6th and Division yesterday and saw a Xmas tree tied to the light pole with Xmas lights strung up the pole. Looks like former Mayor Lee Lansing is preparing to sell Xmas trees at the location.

The site/business was a focus of controversy last November and again last May. Is everything copacetic this time around with the City and the building owner (Jerry Anderson or Voyager Bank?)

Goodhue County says they don’t have “sufficient credible evidence” to prosecute former City Administrator Al Roder

Al Roder Posted to the Nfld News at 4 PM: Prosecutors give Roder immunity for Lansing testimony.

Roder immunity letter

Former City Administrator Al Roder will be granted immunity from prosecution for testifying against former Mayor Lee Lansing. That’s according to a letter from the Goodhue County Attorney’s Office obtained by the Northfield News on Monday, which says investigators do not have “sufficient credible evidence” to prosecute Roder.

Update 6:30 am Tuesday: the PDF of the letter from Goodhue County Attorney Stephen Betcher to Al Roder’s attorney David Lillehaug is on the Northfield News website.

The Lee Lansing Chronicles, chapter 72

Lansing Garden CenterIn yesterday’s Northfield News: Lansing trespassing, says owner of 600 Division site:

A no trespassing order, served by police Wednesday on Lee Lansing, says the former mayor must close his Division Street garden center. Lansing has been given until Sunday to remove his personal belongings, mostly bedding plants and hanging baskets. The new property owner, Voyager Bank, asked the police to issue a no trespass order against Lansing… The bank is in negotiations with Jerry Anderson, a local entrepreneur interested in buying the property. Anderson said Friday he told Lansing he could open the shop.

Mayor Lee Lansing charged with misconduct, conflict of interest

lee lansing
The Northfield News reported an hour ago, Lansing charged in Goodhue investigation:

Mayor Lee Lansing was charged today with five counts of misconduct by a public official and two counts of conflict of interest by a public official. The charges stem from a 16-month-long investigation by Goodhue County initially begun by former Northfield Police Chief Gary Smith. Smith’s attorney last year said the review was of Smith’s then boss, Al Roder… Goodhue County Attorney Steve Betcher said his office will prosecute the case.

Update 6:30 PM: Here’s a link to the 33 page complaint (PDF) posted on the Nfld News site:

lansing complaint-sshot