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Thinner blog posts, fatter discussion

My consulting business (no, not my mountain biking, really!) has kept me busier than usual lately and that’s meant fewer blog posts here on LoGro. It bugs me if I don’t publish at least one new blog post here every day because I want the 500-1000 people who visit each day to always have something new to see.  It’s not that I don’t have lots to blog about but rather my tendency to spend a lot of time on them, especially those that are issue-related.

Shakespeare bloggerSo I’m going to experiment with publishing more blog posts that simply introduce a topic or issue, inviting y’all to chime in with comments, questions, links, and opinions.  The topics will likely be a little more wide-ranging, with a mix of 75% Northfield-related and the rest state, national, international.

I also like tackling a difficult issue and spending weeks on it like I’m currently doing with the Northfield Fire Department. There aren’t many of those investigative-type stories that I take on but when I do, they really require a lot of work behind the scenes and then a lot of time to write them up, summarizing what I’ve learned and taking a position.

I’ve got some other ideas for new features here on LoGro but they’re not quite ready for prime time. In the meantime, let me know what ideas you have and give me your frank feedback on what you like and don’t like on the current state of LoGro affairs.

On using Twitter and Facebook with a blog: It’s Complicated

Social media policy sandwich board at the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse This sandwich board in the front of the Goodbye Blue Monday caught my eye, not only because it’s clever (“Look for us on Facebook & Twitter – but you won’t find us”) but because I’ve been trying to get smarter about how Twitter and Facebook can complement a blog.

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Locally Grown’s membership option: what might the benefits be?

Logrono bannerWe’re planning on offering a paid Locally Grown membership option Real Soon Now. The idea is to continue some (much?) of what we do now for free, maybe supported with ads.

But we’d also offer a paid option in which a variety of benefits are available to members only. So what might the benefits be? I’ve thought of four and would like to hear a reaction to these, as well as ideas on other possible benefits. (continued)

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Whither the Locally Grown podcast/radio show?

Although no one has asked (sniff!), we have to assume y’all are worried sick about the status of our weekly show since we’ve gone two weeks now without a new one.  Well relax. Wednesdays have proven to be a scheduling challenge so it’s looking like we’re going to make a move to Mondays, starting June 1. Until then, stay tuned to the new KYMN 1080 AM.

WWW at 20; Northfield’s online presence at 15+

NCO web cafe NCO-dec-1996 The World Wide Web is 20 years old this month, though it really wasn’t until the availability of the Mosaic/Netscape browsers in 1994 that plain old citizens could surf the web, a big step up from the U of MN’s Gopher. By late 1994, my LoGroNo colleague Tracy Davis and I and the rest of the gang at Northfield Citizens Online had a web site up at nco.northfield.mn.us, and a year later, we had a full-blown web message board on it that we called the NCO Web Cafe. Tracy finessed the northfield.org domain name away from the Northfield News in March of 2000 and we converted the site to a blog in 2003. On the right is a screenshot of the NCO website from 1996, taken from the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. Note who was Chair. Note the two advertisers. See the Historical Roots of Locally Grown for more.

“Open Mic” at Locally Grown

soapboxBehind the scenes, the Triumvirate has been discussing ways to hear more voices in and from the LoGroNo community. Because this is a three-person blog with Griff as Emperor, right now only the three of us can create posts for discussion; everyone else is restricted to comments. (We’ll have more news about that soon – we’re looking at changes to the status quo there too.) So I thought, why not create a catch-all post to serve as “open mic”? Continue reading “Open Mic” at Locally Grown