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under-construction We’re going to be messing with the look of the LoGroNo (Locally Grown Northfield) website over the next few days, in preparation for the launch of the membership option which is on its way Real Soon Now.

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Logrono bannerWe’re planning on offering a paid Locally Grown membership option Real Soon Now. The idea is to continue some (much?) of what we do now for free, maybe supported with ads.

But we’d also offer a paid option in which a variety of benefits are available to members only. So what might the benefits be? I’ve thought of four and would like to hear a reaction to these, as well as ideas on other possible benefits. (continued)

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  A bumper sticker on a hail-damaged car in the Just Food Coop parking lot yesterday. I’m not sure if we should be pleased.


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soapboxBehind the scenes, the Triumvirate has been discussing ways to hear more voices in and from the LoGroNo community. Because this is a three-person blog with Griff as Emperor, right now only the three of us can create posts for discussion; everyone else is restricted to comments. (We’ll have more news about that soon – we’re looking at changes to the status quo there too.) So I thought, why not create a catch-all post to serve as “open mic”?

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