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Controversy erupts over the 2011 DJJD Horseshoe Hunt

DJJD Horseshoe HuntWhile the 2011 Horseshoe Hunt clues have started appearing on the DJJD website, some members of the DJJD committee have begun to question the wisdom of this year’s location for Horseshoe.

On early Saturday morning, DJJD volunteers were seen lowering Horsehoe Hunt Chair Tim Freeland into the Cannon River adjacent to the Ames Mill, dressed in a diving suit.

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While Freeland’s final destination for the Horeshoe remains a secret, its approximate location quickly became controversial, once other DJJD Committee members learned of the activity.

"I know that we’ve had some problems in the past with the Horseshoe found too quickly," said Hayes ‘Gabby’ Scriver,  a 3rd-year DJJD Board Director. "But this looks to me like it’s a little over the top. If the Horseshoe is anywhere near the dam, we can expect that Malt-O-Meal will object.  They own the Ames Mill dam and they certainly don’t want anyone messing around there, underwater or not. What if the dam was accidentally damaged?"

DJJD General Chair Dwayne Reddy disagreed. "You can’t be spoon fed all your life.  In recent years, the Horseshoe has been so easy to find that you hardly even need to read the clues to find it.  If the frickin’ Mayor of Northfield can find the Horseshoe, what does that tell you?"  Other committee members agreed, though they wished to remain anonymous.

The Northfield Fire Department has agreed to rent out its diving suit to anyone interested in searching the river for the Horseshoe. "I know it’s a bit unusual but considering the City’s budget problems, we need all the revenue we can find right now," said Fire Chief Harry Frantek. "The bingo tent during DJJD ain’t the cash cow folks think it is."

Guess who makes ‘Mom’s Best Naturals’ cereal? duh

honey-grahams-box I eat cold cereal several times a week and my favorite brand for the last year or so has been Mom’s Best Naturals, available at Just Food Co-op.  I thought it was a bit strange, though, that a competitor to Malt-O-Meal would use the word ‘Mom’ in its name since we Northfielders use the acronym ‘MOM’ for Malt-O-Meal.

Monica Kennon with Mom’s Best Naturals at the Just Food Co-op Harvest Festival Yesterday, at Just Food’s Harvest Festival, I saw that Mom’s Best Naturals had a table in the parking lot so I stopped by to ask if they knew the significance of the word ‘mom.’ MOM representative Monica Kennon gently clued me in. It’s Malt-O-Meal‘s organic natural brand, with "no artificial ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, no hydrogenated oil, and no high fructose corn syrup."

The colors of the Mom’s Best logo and the packaging should have clued me in but they’re obviously trying to keep it a little bit of a secret since a search of the MOM website for the product line comes up empty and there’s no mention of Malt-O-Meal on the box.

In addition to Just Food Co-op, the line of Mom’s Best Naturals cereals can also be found at the Northfield Econofoods.

The Sustainable Business Design blog has more to say about the MOM factory in a March 2008 blog post titled Sustainable & Responsible Business of the Week:

In addition to their healthy line of cereals, Mom’s Best Naturals’ factory in Northfield, Minnesota recycles over 99% of its waste, has reduced water usage in the manufacturing process by 41%, has reduced energy usage by 10%, their cartons are made from recycled paperboard, and they purchase 100% of their energy through windpower. Each year, they also host an Energy Fair to educate and inform employees and the public on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

120+ Malt-O-Meal jobs departing Northfield. WTF!

Malt-O-Meal The Northfield News reported late yesterday that Malt-O-Meal  “will relocate 120-130 workers, mostly technical, administrative, support and managerial staff currently working at its Campbell Mill facility on Hwy. 19… to help reduce the risk of contamination to the cereals manufactured at the plant.”

It’s a done deal?  The City / EDA didn’t know about this? Were heaven and earth moved in attempt to keep these jobs in Northfield?