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Joel and Mary get a tour from Mark

Joel Walinski, Mary Rossing, Mark Werner Joel Walinski, Mary Rossing, Mark Werner Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic Pharmaceutical Solutions and Veterinary Provisions
Dr. Mark Werner gave Northfield Mayor Mary Rossing and City Administrator Joel Walinski a tour of the 62,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility under construction that’s now attached to his Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic on So. Hwy 3. The building will house Pharmaceutical Solutions and Veterinary Provisions, two companies of the Mike Strobel–Mark Werner Partnership. See my Nov. 2007 blog post for more details on the companies and my Aug. 2008 blog post for construction photos.

Hidden in plain sight: Northfield’s biggest private economic development in years takes shape

Unless you look carefully, you might not know that there’s a 62,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility under construction right in the middle of Northfield.

manufacturing facility manufacturing facility Cannon Valley Vet Clinic

I’ll see if I can get one of the owners to give us an update. In the meantime, when’s the last time something of this size (private, not public) occurred in Northfield?

Update 08/04, 6:15 am: I’ve added the photo on the right

Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic expanding; Strobel-Werner Partnership exploding

Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic Mark Werner
I stopped by the Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic on Hwy. 3 a little over a week ago to get the inside scoop on all the construction from Dr. Mark Werner and his sidekick Spike (right photo). They are adding 5,000 sq.ft to their building, increasing the reception area up front, and adding exam rooms, laboratory space, and four doctors’ offices in the back.

Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic  sketch Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic  sketch
See these architectural sketches of the expanded building from various angles.

Strobel-Werner Partnership expansion site But the bigger news is that the Strobel-Werner Partnership (Mike Stroebel is a partner with Mark) has started to break ground on a 62,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility behind their building (left photo, adjacent to Babcock Park) for their subsidiary companies, Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc. and Veterinary Provisions, Inc. From an April EDA document:

Strobel–Werner Partnership is proposing to expand the existing building facilities located at 1200 Highway #3 South by approximately 62,500 square feet. This expansion will occur in a three-story addition to the existing clinic facilities. The Partnership is in the final stages of acquiring approximately 2 acres from the City of Northfield that will assist in making this expansion possible. This expansion will provide the needed square footage for the Clinic and other subsidiary companies owned by Strobel-Werner to expand operations in the area of pharmaceutical compounding for the hog industry and also provide expanded veterinary services and related product distribution for veterinarians…

Strobel–Werner are expecting to invest approximately $4,000,000 in the construction of the 62,500 square foot facility. Pharmaceutical Solutions and Veterinary Pharmacy Corporation, subsidiaries of Strobel-Werner Partnership expect to invest an additional $3,000,000 in FDA approved pharmaceutical compounding equipment and fixtures that will be installed in the new facility… The Strobel-Werner Partnership is actually the parent partnership company that owns the four subsidiary companies which are all integrally involved in pharmaceutical compounding, animal disease research, animal care and animal health product distribution.

staff photoI managed to get a photo of some, but not all of the staff there.

L to R: Dawn Miller, LeAnn Maxon, Enrique Mondaca DVM, Trish Babbini, Jeff Beckman, Casey Ulve, Deb Ulve, “Spike”, and Dr. Mark Werner.

Kudos to Mark, Mike, the EDA, Community Development Director Brian O’Connell, and the Northfield City Council for making all this happen.