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Mary Closner say don’t think twice, vote twice for swag, and by Monday midnight, please. She could win $5,000 for her business

Mary Closer, proprietor of swag – fine & funky art in downtown Northfield, stopped by my corner office at GBM last week. She has been spamming her friends and enemies (I think I’m both lists) with this email:

I’m still trying to get votes for the Intuit program that supports small businesses by giving financial support. You just click on the link below and go to the search button. Put in "swag – fine & funky art" and vote for me, oh please. You can vote daily and on all the different kinds of technology you might have access to. You don’t have to sign up for anything or download anything. I’m so very appreciative of the assistance from all of you! I need the boost (hopefully $5K) to keep doing what I hope to be doing for a very long time! Art is my thing!

When you get to the vote page (follow her instructions above), you’ll see this text:

swagI recently took over the store from my 87-year-old Mom. She is my only "employee." I’m 48-years-old and she still bosses me around & makes me get her tacos. I’m trying to incorporate technology in the store for the first time after 10 years in business. I’ve started a website, Facebook page, and am working on getting set up with Quickbooks. I need help! I can’t afford to hire a techo-slave/geek/"pool boy" to help me learn the wonders of QB, WordPress & Twitter & social media "stuff." I long to blog about my fabulous store, but alas, I need $5,000 to pay for my techo-helper! Pretty please!!!

As of this writing (12:22 PM Sunday), she’s at 931 votes. Let’s get over 1,000 by midnight Monday. Vote today and again tomorrow.

Bridgette Hallcock photos: Laura Baker Gala 2011

Father Xmas and Mary Closner; photo by Bridgette Hallcock DSC05465 Laura Baker Services Association Gala 2011 
Mary Closner was one of many volunteer extraordinaires at this year’s Laura Baker Services Association Gala held back on Dec. 3 (the night of our one and only snowfall) at Carleton College. She was in charge of the silent auction, among other tasks, and twisted the arms of many into helping, including me and my sweetie.

Bridgette Hallcock volunteered her photography services and her photos of the evening are now posted to both her Bridgette Hallcock Photography Facebook page and in a blog post by LBSA’s Jane Fenton.  Jane says:

Love these? Please contact our volunteer photographer, at 507-271-3263 for a print. All sizes, tones, canvas mounting available. Part of your purchase comes back to LBSA.

See Jane’s blog post of all the sponsors of the Gala, most of them Northfield organizations and Northfielders.

Then see the large slideshow of Bridgette’s photo album or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

No feeding of wildlife. However…

'No feeding of wildlife' sign on Cannon River in Northfield 'No feeding of wildlife' sign on Cannon River in Northfield
Mary Closner alerted me to the new signs on the signs along the Sesqui Plaza.

The City of Northfield’s ‘No feeding of wildlife’ signs appear to have made a huge difference in preventing the Canada geese from defecating all over the Plaza.  (I was going to say ‘shitting’ but decided I’ve been too fowl-mouthed lately. Take that, John George!)

The discussion about the geese continues here.

First place awarded in NAG’s Festival of Wreaths competition

Donut wreath by Mary Closner

It’s a little known fact that the Northfield Arts Guild Festival of Wreaths (last year it was trees) is a competition, not just an auction/fundraiser.

This year’s winner: the donut wreath by Mary Closner. The winner bidder: the principals at Construction Consulting Partners who promptly donated it to you-know-who.

Mary Closner featured in Jan/Feb issue of Girlfriends

Mary Closner

While visiting the offices of Construction Consulting Partners (a client) last week, I noticed the Jan/Feb 09 issue of Girlfriends (‘where local women turn’) and that CCP staffer Mary Closner was featured in the magazine’s Daddy’s Girl column on the back. The issue is not yet available on the Girlfriends website but should be soon. (continued)

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