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Desperation city: more signs of spring needed

signs of spring signs of spring signs of spring
Yesterday’s cold north wind despite the sunny skies sent me looking for signs of green and I found some in the Upper Arb, just off the paved path below the hill at Second St. and Oak. where Spring Creek flows under the bridge. The Arb has a web page devoted to spring but alas, the text/photos there are brochure-like, true for all springs, not current for this spring. (Hey Doug, the Arb needs a blog!)

Northfield-based blogger Mary Schier has made some ‘signs of spring’ posts lately to her My Northern Garden blog, eg, Snow Blooms and An Early Spring? (BTW, kudos to Mary for winning a Garden Writers Association award for a recent blog post.)

Got some signs of spring to report? Photos? Let’s have ‘em.’

Update 8 PM: I’ve changed the sentence about ‘canned text/photos.’ See the comments below.

  • pasqueflowers Rob Hardy alerted me to his blog post Pasqueflowers for Holy Week: “Here you go, Griff!  The pasqueflowers are blooming, right on schedule.  (This photo was taken at approximately 2:45 pm today, Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at an undisclosed location owned by Carleton College.)” More about pasquelflowers here.
  • sugar maplesBright Spencer alerted me to the sugar maples that are popping buds in our Hidden Valley Park neighborhood.