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Ask a Northfield librarian via their new Meebo chat widget; will Twitter be next?

librarian meebo chat windowI have a Meebo chat widget for Locally Grown at the bottom of our LG Live page, below our Twitter widgets.

And I just discovered that the Northfield Public Library has one, too. It’s on their Ask a Librarian page. I used it this week to get a reference question answered and to renew my card. Waaaaaay cool, IMHO.

This will likely make Ross furious, however, as he sees the library as one of the three legs of a stool that anchors downtown (along with the post office and the liquor store). By using this chat tool, I didn’t drive (or bike or walk) downtown to complete this task and then stop by a local downtown store to buy something. Ah well, he probably wants them to disconnect their phones, too, for the same reason. No pleasing that guy.

I hope the library is also considering using Twitter, as these Twittering libraries are doing.