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Three ways to get an announcement posted on Locally Grown

Got something to announce to the 500-1,000 people per day who visit Locally Grown?  Read on.

While we’re primarily an issues-oriented blog, we also keep connected to the Northfield community by blogging about area people, events, organizations, and businesses.

So if you have something of interest to announce, consider these options:

  • Suzannah CierniaArrange for a photo opp
    People who are willing to show up at one of my offices (tables at area coffeehouses) and have their photo taken can usually get me to blog their announcement for free. See examples here, here, and here and then contact me.
  • Become a member of Locally Grown
    Join Locally GrownYou can post 2-4 announcements/month for a measly $2.50/post. You email us the content, we create the blog post for you and publish it under your name. See recent membership posts here.
  • Become an advertiser on Locally Grown
    LG-banner-ad-purchaseA banner ad costs $4-7/week. Your ad can then link to your announcement on your website or Facebook page

If it’s a PSA (public service announcement), consider submitting it to Northfield.org, KYMN, Northfield Patch, and the Northfield News.

Promote your product, service, cause, or event on Locally Grown

Locally Grown MembershipA year ago, we launched our Locally Grown Membership plan.

We’ve not done much to promote it but as you can see from the left sidebar (archived Category here), members are using it to promote a variety of products, services, causes, or events.

It’s cheap, flexible, and easy.

Does it work? 

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS) Kathy Jasnoch and Sandy Vesledahl

Ask Sandy Vesledahl and Kathy Jasnoch from the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. Back in June, I blogged about how PEHS was getting a third of its web traffic from Locally Grown. Our web traffic (according to Google Analytics): we had over 9,500 unique visitors for the month of November 2010.

See our Locally Grown Membership plan for more details, or contact me.

If you prefer to keep it simple and just want to support me financially with a monthly or one-time contribution, click one of the buttons in the new "Tip Griff" box on the left sidebar. I’d appreciate it.

Tip Griff

Locally Grown’s membership option: what might the benefits be?

Logrono bannerWe’re planning on offering a paid Locally Grown membership option Real Soon Now. The idea is to continue some (much?) of what we do now for free, maybe supported with ads.

But we’d also offer a paid option in which a variety of benefits are available to members only. So what might the benefits be? I’ve thought of four and would like to hear a reaction to these, as well as ideas on other possible benefits. (continued)

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