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Winter mountain biking in Minnesota: locations, conditions, equipment, group rides, events

 fat bike on a packed trail: excellentregular mountain bike on a trail with little snow: excellentregular mountain bike on a trail with moderate snow, not packed: difficultfat bike on a trail with deep snow, not packed: difficult

I attended Freewheel Bike‘s 2nd annual Winter Bike Expo ("the world headquarters of winter riding fanatics") on Saturday at their Midtown Bike Center.  (I blogged about the event on my Mountain Bike Geezer blog here, including my photo album).  While the event had offerings for bike commuters, the bulk of the action was aimed at mountain biking in winter, using fat bikes especially. QBP’s brands Surly and Salsa each had a big presence at the event, as both offer a number of fat bike models.  (They’re sold locally by Mike’s Bicycle Shop here in Northfield and Milltown Cycles in Faribault.)

I’m doing some consulting work on the 2nd Annual Fat Bike Winter Summit & Festival coming up at the end of January in the West Yellowstone area, so I’m locked in on the trend. And the Expo gave me a picture of how much enthusiasm there is here in Minnesota for fat biking.

I don’t (yet) own a fat bike. Last winter I didn’t need one, since we had so little snow. My hardtail 29’er worked fine just about everywhere I went. But with a solid 8 inches from our weekend snowstorm, things are looking up for a decent winter.  And more and more of Minnesota’s mountain bike parks and other trails allow mountain bikes.

So let’s use the discussion thread attached to this blog post to discuss winter biking locations, conditions, equipment, group rides, and events.

A hot cuppa coffee goes good on a bike. Reading a newspaper? Listening to music? Not so much.

PDW Bar-ista coffee mug holder on Griff's hybrid bike PDW Bar-ista coffee mug holderreading the newspaper and drinking coffee while riding a bike 930560218_bab5900d21

I bought a PDW Bar-ista coffee mug holder from Mike’s Bike Shop here in Northfield a few weeks ago. Drinking coffee while riding a bike adds a whole other dimension of pleasure to the experience.  I’m not likely to add reading the newspaper or listening to music to the activity, as that would be setting a bad example.

Need a bike? Support the area’s three local bike dealers. Have a bike to sell? Post your ad here.

 Griff Wigley and Clark Webster Bike to Work Day at the Goodbye Blue Monday, 2011 Bike to Work Day at the Goodbye Blue Monday, 2011 
Since it was A) a warm morning (60F) and B) it’s Bike to Work Day, I rode my wife’s Giant Revive DX to my office at the GBM today. More than a few bikers joined me.

FIT to be TRI'd Mike's Bicycle Shop Milltown Cycles

We’re fortunate to have three bike shops in the area:

  • FIT to be TRI’d in downtown Northfield carries Focus and Marin bicycles
  • Mike’s Bicycle Shop in downtown Northfield carries Rawland, Trek, Surley, and Salsa
  • Milltown Cycles in downtown Faribault carries Trek, Gary Fisher, Rawland, Salsa, Surley, Steve Potts, and Redline