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Northfielder dubbed ‘Male Hotness’ winner on VitaMN

I know that Griff usually has a corner on the fluff department, but I have two college-age daughters and occasionally I have to throw them a sop.  They called my attention to the fact that local boy Justin Plank, bass player for Gospel Gossip, was named by VitaMN as “Male Hotness” winner.  (If you haven’t heard Gospel Gossip, you may have seen Justin hanging out on on his motorcycle in front of Goodbye Blue Monday.)

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Committee for the Beautification of Northfield, a self-delegated, un-official subcommittee of the Streetscape Task Force.

Lori Witt’s first CD includes my mechanic

Lori Witt, Mark Witt Lori Witt; photo by Corey Pulju Venture-CD
Mark Witt (AKA ‘Mooch’) stopped by my morning office at GBM a couple months ago with a CD in hand. (Mark is one-half of the Witt Bros. Service where I’ve had my cars repaired since I moved to Northfield in 1974.)

The CD is called Venture and it’s written, produced and sung by his sister, Lori Witt (AKA Lori Macrae). I got them to pose for a photo at the station on one of the first sunny days of spring.

Other Northfielders who had a hand in the CD:

  • Mark Witt: Vocals, assistant producer
  • Craig Wasner: Music arranger, keyboard, vocals, guitar
  • Tom Teorey: Harmonica, guitar
  • Logan Macrae: Music enthusiast
  • Corey Pulju: Photography, CD design (photo above of Lori in the car was taken by Corey)

Mark’s vocals are featured in one of the songs, Middle Age. Here’s a clip of the last 45 seconds of the song:

Click play to listen.

If you’d like to buy the CD, stop by the Witt Brothers at 7th and Division, contact Lori via email,

Update 06/10: Lori has a page on TuneCore which has a link to iTunes where the entire album can be purchased for $7.92 or individual songs for $.99. I’ve added a CD image above that’s linked to that page, too.

Video: Northfield musician to play during nationwide music festival

repjlogo-thumb1.pngLocal musicians Meredith Fierke, Steve and Dylan Mckinstry, and photographer Dan Iverson are arriving in Austin, Texas today to participate in the South by Southwest music and film festival. Fierke is performing at the Touche bar on Saturday and will play “Train’s Song,” a song inspired by the trains traveling through Northfield, Minn. Below are video interviews with Fierke and Iverson shot in Fierke’s home on Monday.

Meredith Fierke, Northfield, Minn. musician from Bonnie Obremski on Vimeo.

Dan Iverson, Northfield photographer from Bonnie Obremski on Vimeo.

Train Song by Meredith Fierke of Northfield, Minn. from Bonnie Obremski on Vimeo.