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City of Northfield: taking care of our urban grasslands

Workers from Prairie Restorations Bird’s foot trefoil
Last Thursday, I noticed a crew of three workers walking around Hidden Valley Park pond spraying. I chatted with one who said they were from Prairie Restorations, under contract with the City of Northfield.

They were killing Bird’s foot trefoil, described on their website as an exotic species of wildflower. 

In some cases exotic species find just the right niche and become highly competitive with native species already in place, reducing diversity and upsetting stable communities of both plants and animals.

See the Wikipedia for more about Bird’s-foot Trefoil. And see the Prairie Restorations blog for lots more about their recent activities in restoring prairies around Minnesota.

Natural Resources Inventory - Northfield MN 2005Like the spring burning back in April, it’s great to see the City of Northfield and its Streets, Parks & Facilities Division taking such good care of our urban grasslands.

See the 2005 City of Northfield Natural Resource Inventory report for more on our urban environment.

A Spring Brook treasure photographed; good timing

Brook TroutSpring Brook (also known as Rice Creek) “is the only trout stream in Rice County, and is an uncommon resource type in southern Minnesota” according to the Northfield Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) commissioned by the City of Northfield in 2005.

Kathleen Doran-Norton, member of the Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors, forwarded the email below and photo (above) to me yesterday.  She didn’t say so but I’m guessing she’s got Thursday’s Business and Industrial Park planning open house in mind since Spring Brook/Rice Creek flows through the southern edge of the “south site” on West Armstrong Rd. in Bridgewater Township.  Kathleen wrote:

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