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Corey Butler resigns from Northfield Patch. What will the impact be?

Northfield Patch

Longtime Northfielder and Northfield Patch editor Corey Butler announced his resignation on his Facebook page earlier this week.

I got his permission to post it here and coaxed him into posing with me for a photo at the Spur this morning:

Corey Butler, Griff Wigley - Feb. 2013It’s with excitement and sadness that I inform those of you who care that I have resigned from Patch. I’ve accepted a job as the communications coordinator for the Minnesota Society of CPAs, a not-for-profit organization with 9,400 members. I’ll be responsible for developing, editing and coordinating the MNCPA’s print and electronic publications, social media, some event planning/execution and working with the media (fielding calls and pitching stories).

It’s a great move for me as I focus on my long-term career goals and look for a new challenge. I greatly enjoyed my time with Patch, especially getting to know so many wonderful people near and far in the company. Most of all, I’ll miss working with so many great people in Northfield.

You can continue to follow Corey on Twitter @CoreyButlerJr.

Will the AOL-owned Patch replace Corey with another Northfield-based editor? If not, what might it mean for the other hyper-local media organizations in Northfield? I’m guessing that the Huckle Media-owned Northfield News is happy to hear the news of Corey’s departure, as he built Northfield Patch into a formidable competitor for local news-related pageviews. (He had worked for Huckle/Northfield News/Faribault Daily News for 2.5 years prior to launching Northfield Patch.)

But Northfield Patch never appeared to put much of a dent into the local advertising dollars currently going primarily to the Northfield News, KYMN Radio, and the Entertainment Guide, so I don’t see any substantive revenue shifts.


The real opportunity, it seems to me, is for NCO’s Northfield.org to step into the void, especially when it comes to Patch’s Local Voices section. Corey nurtured an ever-growing list of regular Northfield-area contributors (good example: Myrna CG Mibus) who might thrive in the local group-blog environment of Northfield.org.  The site really could be so much more than a community events calendar and blog/tweet aggregator. There are new Board members on the way, I’m told, so I’m holding out hope that new blood combined with the old will seize the day.

It was twenty years ago today, NCO’ers taught the town to… hey!

Yes, I’ve blogged this before, but it bears repeating since tonight is the night.

Our NCO/Northfield.org colleagues are having a big birthday partaaaaay tonight at the Grand Event Center.

NCO/Northfield.org birthday bash poster NCO/Northfield.org birthday bash banner


Northfield Citizens Online (Northfield.org) is almost 20 years old; get ready to party

Marika Christofides, student journalist for Northfield.org, interviewed me  a couple weeks ago for her piece that was published this week: Happy Anniversary, Northfield.org.

Editor’s Note: In January, Northfield Citizens Online, and Northfield.org, will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its conception. Stay turned for more details about our anniversary party. Meanwhile, Northfield.org student journalist Marika Christofides uncovers the story of Northfield.org’s origins.

1996 Board members: Northfield Citizens Online

Although we started organizing in 1992, the earliest photo I have of those involved back then is this one of Northfield Citizens Online board members at GBM in 1996: L to R, Steve Hatle, Bob Courchaine, Bruce Morlan, Tracy Davis, Andrea Christianson, me, and John Hatch. Not pictured: Lynne Young and George Kinney. Others who were involved in the early stages: Kent Rabehl and Dave Diehl.

For more photos, see our Historical roots of Locally Grown page.

Frost Whores win trivia contest at Northfield.org’s WinterNet party

Griff Wigley and Doug BratlandDoug Bratland and I (photo by Jane McWilliams) joined forces with Alex Beeby and David Gonnerman to form Team Frost Whores to compete in the trivia contest at Thursday night’s Northfield.org WinterNet party at the Contented Cow. We whupped ‘em all!

I very much appreciated 1) a personal invitation to the party from Board Chair Nate White; and 2) Jessica Peterson White (the "Quiz Mistress") including this question in the trivia contest: “What local web site referred the most traffic to Northfield.org during 2009?”

See Jane’s blog post for links to her photo album/slideshow.

WWW at 20; Northfield’s online presence at 15+

NCO web cafe NCO-dec-1996 The World Wide Web is 20 years old this month, though it really wasn’t until the availability of the Mosaic/Netscape browsers in 1994 that plain old citizens could surf the web, a big step up from the U of MN’s Gopher. By late 1994, my LoGroNo colleague Tracy Davis and I and the rest of the gang at Northfield Citizens Online had a web site up at nco.northfield.mn.us, and a year later, we had a full-blown web message board on it that we called the NCO Web Cafe. Tracy finessed the northfield.org domain name away from the Northfield News in March of 2000 and we converted the site to a blog in 2003. On the right is a screenshot of the NCO website from 1996, taken from the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. Note who was Chair. Note the two advertisers. See the Historical Roots of Locally Grown for more.

Boosting “the other guys”, fostering civic engagement

grandmarquee1-22In case you missed Griff’s comment on this in a previous thread, listen up: Northfield.org’s annual meeting is being held this Thursday, 1/22, at 7:00p at the Grand. The headliner of the meeting is a panel discussion, “Beyond Letters to the Editor: How everyday people can be heard in Northfield.” There will be time for questions and comments. (continued) Continue reading Boosting “the other guys”, fostering civic engagement