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N-n-nippy 2010 thus far, with one exception

The bank thermometers read –28, –25 and –23 degrees F. at 7 am this morning. Carleton’s Weather page was showing –22.5.

Carleton College Temperature Plot, Jan. 2010We’ve been below zero since New Year’s Day around 4 pm but yesterday morning around 7 am, the temperature was considerably warmer… above boiling, actually.  What was going on over there at Carleton? (A tip-of-the-blogger hat to Brendon Etter, Textbook Manager at the Carleton College Bookstore for the alert.)


IMG_2142IMG_2144I was going to do a why-are-we-teaching-our-children-to-be-wimps blog post because schools are closed today. It was around –25F this morning. (Bill Ostrem blogged that it was –28 at his house.) But then I’ve abandoned my corner office at GBM because it’s too cold by the window so I’m a wimp, too.

I saw Penny Hillemann’s blog post with photos on Tuesday, Cannon River at 20 Below Zero.  Later that night I took these two photos from the footbridge. The river’s frozen over completely on the north side and almost frozen over on the south side up to the dam.