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Photo album: Northfield Area Family YMCA groundbreaking

Earlier this afternoon, the Northfield Area Family YMCA held its groundbreaking celebration for its new facility on Honey Locust Drive. From the press release:

2014 Board Chair Nate Jacobi and his sonWith construction plans for Phase I finalized, Northfield’s Y, which is expected to open in the fall of 2014, will feature an indoor aquatics center, group fitness studio, cardio and wellness floor, supervised children’s center, locker rooms, offices and multi-purpose community gathering space.

Plans for Phase II, featuring a full-size gym and walking track, are in the development stage.  The estimated project cost to complete both Phase I and Phase II together is in the $8 to $9 million range.

Play the large slideshow of 33 photos (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Seeds Farm CSA now offering shares, optional add-ons, and an experiential partnership with the Northfield Y

Becca Carlson, Seeds Farm

I blogged about the SEEDS Project (Social Entrepreneurship Environmental Design and Stewardship) back in July of 2010 so I was glad to get an update about it a couple weeks ago from Seeds Farm Manager Becca Carlson when she stopped by my corner office at GBM.

I asked her to send me a write-up about the recent changes and I’ve included it below.

The biggest developments under the SEEDS umbrella are the Seeds Farm ("A sustainable vegetable farm community project in Northfield Minnesota"), the Seeds Farm CSA, and its experiential partnership with the Northfield Area Family YMCA.

Seeds Farm  Northfield Area Family YMCA 

They released a new video yesterday:


Here’s Becca’s summary of the latest on the Seeds Farm:

There’s more to eating locally than just the vegetables…

To thrive and survive, humans need to eat every day. For those of us that eat three meals a day, that means each week we have 21 opportunities to make a decision on how we are going to fuel our bodies, what type of agricultural system we are going to support, and what we want our communities and the landscape of America to look like. One thing we are adding on to our locally grown vegetables is that we are offering chicken coops for sale. This will make it possible for fresh eggs to be entered into the program.

Because of this, we have the ability to make a huge impact solely with how we chose to buy and consume food. Here are some reasons why I think it’s important to use our purchasing power to support local and sustainably grown produce:

Excellent taste and freshness

Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances from far away. Produce picked and eaten at the height of freshness tastes better.

Celebrate a healthy lifestyle!

You are what you eat-so fill your body with healthy, nutritious and wholesome.

Support our farming neighbors, local economy, & community

Buying locally helps ensure that our local farms keep in business so they can provide you with delicious and nutritious produce, keeps your dollars circulating in our community, and is an investment in healthy communities.

Help preserve the environment

One of the biggest ways we interact with our environment is through agriculture; i.e. how our food was grown. Support farmers that help nurture our resources so they are not depleted for future generations.

Pass on the environmental ethic

Practice what you preach and encourage others to do so as well! When you buy locally produced organic food you cannot help but raise the consciousness of your friends and family about how food buying decisions can make a difference in your life and the life of your community; and about how the basic act of eating is connected to larger issues.

At Seeds Farm, a four-acre diverse vegetable farm just one mile south of Northfield, we help make it possible to embody these ideas by providing a unique, experiential CSA in partnership the Northfield YMCA and Bon Appétit. This includes:

  • 16-18 weeks of a box full of local and sustainable fruits and vegetables grown by Seeds Farmers.  Full-shares & Half-shares are available
  • Weekly recipes included written by Bon Appétit chefs
  • Weekly newsletter will include stories from St. Olaf students involved at Seeds Farm.
  • A media component all about “Life on the Farm”!
  • “Food on the Farm” dinner at Seeds, prepared by Bon Appétit chefs with Seeds Farm ingredients.
  • Free admission to other Seeds Farm events, this includes our Spring/Summer Celebration, Children’s Garden Days, cooking demonstration by Bon Appetit Chefs, workshops, and more!
  • A discounted rate for the Budding Farmers program
  • …and so much more!

Cost for a Full-Share is $500 (~$30/wk) and Half-Share is $275 (~$16/wk)

  • Full-share is perfect for a family or group of four or more!. You will receive a large box full of seasonal fruits and vegetables each week.
  • Half-share is great for an individual or couple.

You also have the option to sign up for additional CSA “add-ons.” These include:

  • Flower share add-on: every other week you will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers grown at Seeds Farm by Brad and Toni Easterson $70
  • Egg share add-on: a dozen eggs weekly from Seeds Farm chicken $95 (opportunity to start receiving eggs before CSA can be discussed)
  • A children’s educational program add-on: Budding Farmers, $50.  *Note, this is a discounted rate only available for Seeds Farm CSA members! (regular cost is $68)

And you can purchase pasture-raised Seeds Farm hogs and naturally raised Main Street Project chickens from us too! 

At Seeds Farm, we care about the health and well being of you, our community and the environment.

For more information, check out our website at seedsfarmproject.com, follow @seedsfarm on Twitter, like the Seeds Farm Facebook page, and watch our video: 


Tokyo Grill is Northfield’s sushi destination restaurant

Tokyo Grill, Northfield

The Tokyo Grill (“Japanese Steakhouse”) opened in the old Wendy’s on S. Hwy 3 last summer. It has become a favorite sushi restaurant for me and Robbie and, judging by the crowds, many other Northfielders, including (last Saturday eve):

DSC07389 Dinner at Tokyo Grill, prior to the Northfield Area Family YMCA's Daddy Daughter Dance
Dave Machacek (Mr. ArtOrg – left photo), and two dads and their daughters (right photo) on their way to the Northfield Area Family YMCA’s Daddy Daughter Dance.

Tokyo Grill, Northfield Robbie Wigley, Tokyo Grill, Northfield Tokyo Grill, Northfield
Two of our favorite menu items.

NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA’s new location

I got an email earlier this week from Emily Monaghan, Vice Chair of  the Northfield Area Family YMCA board:

I have a story that might be fun for you to cover for Locally Grown Northfield involving a unique partnership between the Nfld High School DECA group and the Y.  Tomorrow night at 7PM the DECA students will unveil to the Y board of directors the "Future Home of the Nfld Y" sign that they designed/created that will be installed on the new Y property this coming Sunday.  We will meet tomorrow in the high school Woods (shop) room for the unveiling and a pizza party to follow.  Then, we will gather again at 4PM Sunday to install the new sign on the new property.

NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA
Julie Wolner is the business education teacher at Northfield High School (left photo, second from right) and staffs the Northfield High School DECA Club. She was the MC for the evening’s festivities.

NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA

NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA NHS DECA club creates a sign for the Northfield YMCA
The sign was installed this morning on the future site for the Y (east of Target on Honey Locust Drive), but it’ll remain covered until the unveiling ceremony at 4 pm Sunday.

Other links:

Update Nov. 19, 7:30 am:

Emily and Julie sent me these photos of the sign’s construction and installation:

Update Nov. 25, 8 am:

I’ve been sent additional photos of the sign’s dedication ceremony from last Sunday so I’ve put all the photos into an album. See the large slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

The rumors are flying: Guess where the new building for the Northfield Area Family YMCA will be?

Northfield Area Family YMCA
Last October, the Northfield School District declined to partner with the Northfield Area Family YMCA on a facility on school property. Since then, the Y has been searching for a location. Back in May, Y officials told the Northfield Area United Way that they had made their selection but that negotiations would take a while longer. 

I’m starting to hear rumors, so the announcement must be imminent.

Where do you think the site for the the Y will be?

Northfield Area United Way allocation panels: a very cool community engagement process

Northfield Arts Guild presenting at Northfield Area United Way allocation panel Northfield Youth Choirs presenting at Northfield Area United Way allocation panel Northfield Area Family YMCA presenting at Northfield Area United Way allocation panel
My wife Robbie and I were invited to be on one of the Northfield Area United Way (NAUW) allocation panels last week.  In her email, NAUW Executive Director Betsy Spethmann wrote:

Betsy Spethmann, Northfield Area United WayAs a Grant Allocation Panelist, you will help decide how the funds raised during the recent United Way campaign will be invested back into services that benefit people in our community… agencies present their proposals and field questions from panelists; then the panel discusses how to allocate available funds and agrees on a recommendation to NAUW’s Board.

Volunteers find that this is an excellent way to learn more about our community and the network of human-service organizations serving the Northfield area.

Indeed, it was excellent.  And the process was impressive. Our allocation panel got to hear from/ask questions of representatives from the Northfield Arts Guild, the Northfield Youth Choirs, and the Northfield Area Family YMCA.

Should the Northfield School District partner with the YMCA on a facility on school property?

Northfield ISD 659Northfield Area YMCA

I’m undecided on the issue.  The School Board votes on Oct. 25. Background:

District: Northfield Public Schools Board of Education Hosts Open House and Information Session on YMCA Facility Proposal

YMCA:  Our Next Steps

School board member Kari Nelson: Board wants input on YMCA decision

School board member Jeff Quinnell: We’re NHS, not NYHS

School board member Mike Berthelsen: NHS, YMCA a worthy partnership

Nfld News: District hosts YMCA open house

Nfld News: Opinions strong on both sides of YMCA partnership debate

Photo album and summary: YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2009

Virginia Kaczmarek Virginia Kaczmarek, Executive Director of the Northfield Area Family YMCA, sent me an email two weeks ago with photos of their May 2 Healthy Kids Day. I neglected to get them posted… till now!

See her email summary of the event below. And see the album of 31 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

Hi Griff, 

We had a phenomenal YMCA Healthy Kids Day last Saturday! I’m estimating that about 1300 people came through the event between 10 and 1:00. In all the years I’ve worked with Healthy Kids Day events – this was by far, hands down, the smoothest and most fun. (continued)

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