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The other Veterans Memorial in Northfield

Old Memorial Park Old Memorial Park

While taking photos of the outdoor pool’s climbing wall last week, I noticed the commemorative plaque and flag pole for what’s now called Old Memorial Park. The plaque  reads:

On October 1, 1948, this memorial recreation field was dedicated as a living memorial to the brave men and women who gave their lives in defense of our country. It was donated to the Northfield School District #659 from the Northfield American Legion Post #84.

This flag pole is placed in the year 2007, in memory of all men and women who served their country in war and peace time since World War I.

The park area, where the Northfield High School football field used to be, is now owned by the City of Northfield. The Northfield Area Veterans Memorial is in Riverside Park.

A well-kept secret? Memorial Day tribute at Veteran’s Memorial Park, 9 am today

It’s not listed on the Northfield.org calendar or blog, nor on the Northfield Area Veterans website, nor on the Northfield Chamber of Commerce calendar, nor via a search of the Northfield News website, nor is there a poster or flyer of any kind on the windows of either the VFW Post on Division nor the Eagles / American Legion Club on Water.

But today’s Memorial Day tribute is at 9 am in Veteran’s Memorial Park, at the south end of Riverside Park.

I eventually found the time on page 2 of the print edition Saturday’s Nfld News, in the calendar of events sidebar. It’s incorrectly listed as 8 am in the newspaper’s online calendar of events for May 26.

Why is there no promotion of this event?

See the album of 71 photos from 2007 or this slideshow:

Udpate 3 pm:  Below are photos of the two pages from Saturday’s Northfield News containing information about today’s ceremony:

Northfield News  page 2 Northfield News  back page

VFW’s department of redundancy department


The Northfield VFW and the Northfield Legion took out this full page ad in this weekend’s edition of the Northfield News for tomorrow’s Memorial Day celebration at Veteran’s Memorial Park. I plan to be there taking photos tomorrow.

I found their list of wars for the “placing of the wreaths” ceremony to be a bit odd.

From the Revolutionary War through the Persian Gulf War, no problem, though some vets of the Cold War have been lobbying to have that included. But the last two wars listed are labeled:

  • War on Terrorism
  • Operation Enduring Freedom

IMG_2236.JPGThe Wikipedia defines Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) as the government’s official name for all post-9/11 action, though they indicate that OEF most commonly means the war in Afghanistan. This Dept of Defense web page equates ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ with the ‘war against terrorism.’

So are the VFW and Legion trying to communicate something with this wording strategy or is it a typo? And why not use the commonly-used ‘Iraq War’ or the ‘War in Iraq’ or just ‘Iraq’ like it’s listed on the ‘Major Wars and Conflicts’ granite marker at the site (right photo)?