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New schedule for City meetings

To avoid frequent government closures on Federal holidays, many of which fall on Mondays, the City Council has changed their regular meeting dates to the 1st and 3rd TUESDAY of each month.

In the interests of streamlining processes between the Planning Commission and the Council, PCZBA meetings will now be held on the 2nd and 4th 1st and 3rd  THURSDAY of each month.

These changes had a domino effect on a couple of other meeting dates/times, so be sure to check the City calendar for a current, updated list of meetings.  You can also subscribe to the City’s Meeting RSS feed.

Accommodations for Vikes-Packers game to be considered for tonight’s City Council meeting

Northfield City Council Bowing to pressure from civic-oriented footfall fans, the Northfield City Council will entertain a motion at the start of tonight’s meeting (see Tracy’s blog post for a summary) to allow the broadcast of the Vikings-Packers game on the overhead TV monitors in the Council chambers.  There would be no audio, of course, but closed captioning would be provided.

Councilors could opt for the service on their individual monitors, as some of the women councilors already do for their Monday night favorites, Dancing with the Stars and House (see photo above). The outnumbered male councilors have grumbled about this for months to no avail and now see the possibility of a breakthrough for Monday Night Football because of the intense interest in tonight’s game.

"Yes, we all have Tivo, but nothing beat’s live TV coverage of important events like President’s Obama’s message to school children a few weeks ago," said Councilor James Pokorman. "That was educationally significant. This is culturally significant."

Councilor Rhoda Pownow was less convinced. Echoing the sentiments of Emmaus Baptist Church pastor Will Healy who a few years ago objected to the scheduling of pro football games during the same time as late Sunday morning church services, Pownow wrote in a multiple metaphor email to the Mayor: "This is clearly a case of encroachment and if we don’t draw the line in the sand, the dominos will continue to fall till the cows come home." 

Skate plaza in Ames Park: how our Councilors approach the decision

Northfield City Council 2009 Page 29 of the June 1 City Council agenda packet summarizes the history of the skate park location as it relates to Ames Park. On April 29, I emailed each Councilor, asking them if they’d be willing to write up their thoughts about the upcoming vote so that citizens could “know more details about how you’re approaching it, to know more about which of the various pros and cons hold the most validity, to know more about you see the complexities/various shades of gray on the issue.” I’ll attach separate comments for each Councilor who I’ve heard from, and who speaks to the issue during or after the Council meeting. I’ve turned off comments for now until I gather comments from them all.

Twittering from tonight’s City Council meeting

In the UK last week, some Guardian and Observer reporters used Twitter from the G20 summit and had their Tweets show up on the newspaper’s web page here. I’m going to try this tonight from the Northfield City Council meeting, using my Twitter account. (Since there’s no wifi at City Hall, I’ll have to use my G1 phone.)  Experimentation time!

I’ll try to pay attention to any comments attached to this blog post but it would be best to use your Twitter account to send me a direct message so that I can re-tweet it if appropriate.