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Mike Leming, Santa Claus to kids in Northfield and Thailand

A couple weeks ago I noticed that St. Olaf sociology professor Mike Leming was featured in Felicia Crosby’s Just Curious column in the December 2012 Entertainment Guide  (I’ve extracted it here in a  PDF).

Mike Leming in Entertainment GuideBut make no mistake about it; children in various parts of the world know Northfield’s own Mike Leming as someone pretty special, and the gifts he and his wife Ann bring make a very real difference in a lot of lives, they usually like to give out zegarki jewelry to people they appreciate the most.

So here’s a little bit about Mike – his connections with his students, with a people and culture half a world away, and his thoughts about uncovering the Santa in each of us (it begins with finding your heart).

Merry Christmas, Mike, from the believers at The Entertainment Guide.

And so I made a mental note to be sure to take photos of him doing his Santa Claus thing at the First National Bank of Northfield during Winter Walk last week. Mike was also on KYMN’s Wayne Eddy Affair last week.

Mike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa Claus

Mike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa Claus

Mike Leming, Santa ClausMike Leming, Santa Claus

The HideAway turns 5

Joan Spaulding, HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar

I prompted HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar proprietor Joan Spaulding earlier this week to hold up the issue of the May issue of the NEG.

It has a feature (page 40) by Felicia Crosby on the HideAway which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month

Here’s the full text:

The pictures on the long hall of the HideAway say it all. Three large sepia-toned portraits of the Spaulding family – Jim, Joan and their six offspring – illustrate what makes the HideAway such an irresistible destination for a light meal, a glass of wine, or a mid-morning muffin. This very family business feels like home, and when you’re there you’re part of the family.

HideAway in May 2011 NEGOccupying a light and bright space once part of Jacobsen’s Department Store, the HideAway boasts soaring tin ceilings, period moldings and fixtures, and tall windows that overlook busy Division Street. Walls are painted in warm shades of honey and saffron, the furniture is comfortable enough to curl up into, and the nook and cranny eating spaces create the most delightfully intimate places to talk, work and read. Celebrating its fifth birthday in May, the HideAway is convivial and unhurried, exuding a breezy welcome that makes it easy to fantasize about owning this little spot of gastronomic heaven; how hard could it be to own something so fun to be in?

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Rob Schanilec is looking for people to get between his sheets

Rob Schanilec on the patio of the Contented Cow NEG Music Makers 
Robbie and I met with Mr. NEG Rob Schanilec on the outdoor patio of the Contented Cow last night. He’s putting together a special issue for June and he wanted to know who we make it with, where we do it, how we do it, what we do the most, and he wanted photos.  Yes, he’s one of those kind of publishers.

If you do it too, he needs to hear from y’all by May 16.  Details here.

And FYI, the NEG is now on Facebook.

A QR Code makes its appearance in the January NEG. How else might the codes be used?

NEG0101.thumbnail QR code ad in NEG WordPress for Noobs ad in NEG WordPress for Noobs course QR Code

I bought a small ad for my WordPress for Noobs course (starts next week! Call now! Operators are standing by! Not available in stores!) in the January 2011 issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG). See it on page 11.

My ad contains a QR Code, which Wikipedia describes as a

matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

QR Codes marry the analog world, especially print, to the digital. (They do work online, too. Try it by pointing your smartphone’s code reader app at the code in this blog post.)

I used the free QR Code generator here to make my code.

WIRED_QRcodes copy qrbuckle-660x440
Left: See this blog post about the QR Code in a TAG Heuer print ad in the December issue of WIRED Magazine.

Right: A QR Code belt buckle.

How else might QR Codes be used in Northfield?

Straw Poll: Best of Northfield, 2009

Rob Schanilec and the Jan. 2010 NEGEvery year, Locally Grown Northfield (LoGroNo) teams up with Rob Schanilec and his crew at the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) to bring you the Best of Northfield as determined by you, the reader.

I stopped by Rob’s Bridge Square office at By All Means Graphics this morning to get the latest info. Lo, there are some changes this year so pay attention:

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Video: A JuneBug happy birthday to Rob Schanilec from Toaster Fork!

Rob Schanilec and Felicia PetersRob Schanilec and Felicia PetersThe band, Toaster Fork!, sang Happy Birthday to Northfield Entertainment Guide head honcho Rob Schanilec at the Contented Cow last night during the JuneBug Festival of Music. Felicia Peters, Shop Manager & Gallery Coordinator at the NAG, apparently had something to do with it.

Click play to watch. 39 seconds.

Winners: Best of Northfield, 2008

bestofnfld2009-sshot The gang at the NEG (Rob Schanilec and Abby Erickson) has spoken: “Here are the results of the Northfield Entertainment Guide and Locally Grown readers’ poll of the Best of Northfield (4-page PDF). Hundreds of ballots and one hands-down winner – that would be you for having such great stuff to choose from! So take a gander at our readers’ picks and get out there and enjoy! And make mental notes for January 2010 when we’ll do it again.” (Update 1:45 PM: Audio of KYMN show discussing the winners added.)

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