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Northfield Lines’ driver Jack Parker can park a bus like a Mini Cooper

bus, Northfield Lines bus, Northfield Lines Jack Park, driver, Northfield Lines
Robbie and I were having lunch on the deck at Chapati on Saturday when a Northfield Lines bus pulled up in front of the Archer House to pick up a wedding party. With cars parked in the spaces at both ends of the no-parking zone, I assumed the driver would just be able to pull in a tiny bit, but would otherwise be blocking much of the lane on Division St.

But he backed it in, just like backing a car into a parallel parking spot.  While backing up, he got so close to that Mini Cooper (center photo) that I assumed the bus had an external video camera at the rear to guide him.  When the car parked near the front of the bus pulled out, he was then able to bring the bus all the way to the curb, which is when I took the photos.

The driver was long-time Northfielder Jack Parker who said the bus was not equipped with any cameras or other electronic tools to assist him in parking. He attributed his being able to eyeball it to being a farm boy. Impressive.  He said he loved his job way more than over-the-road and when I watched him greet the wedding party as they stepped onto the bus, it was obvious.

First day of school for Margit and Susan? No, it’s the Northfield Metro Express

Northfield Metro Express bus Margit Johnson, Susan Marino, and Northfield Metro Express bus driver
I was looking for a photo op of kids getting on a bus for the first day of school yesterday morning but stumbled on a better one: Margit Johnson heading to the airport and Susan Marino heading to her job at the University, using the new Northfield Metro Express service. The downtown Northfield stop is at Water St. and 7th St. across from the Northfield Wells Fargo Bank.

See the July 17 Nfld News story of how the service came to be, featuring the owners of Northfield Lines, Larry Benjamin and John Benjamin, and their marketing director, Lisa Peterson (see her blog post on Northfield.org).

And kudos to Northfield Lines for using Twitter and Facebook.