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City Civic Orgs

The ‘Save the Depot’ committee held a public meeting last Monday, March 1 at the NCRC. Members include Steve Edwins, Lynn Vincent, Rob Martin, Pat Allen, Chip DeMann, Alice Thomas and Clark Webster.

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City Civic Orgs

Tracy Davis, Bob Will, Ross Currier Bob Will was our guest this week, talking with us about efforts to save the Northfield train depot. You might think Bob is an old geezer, given that he has a few ‘formers’ associated with his name (eg, former Carleton economics professor, former Northfield Rotary Club president). But he’s more than a little active in community affairs (eg, current member of the City of Northfield Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) and the Streetscape Task Force).

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. I’ve turned off comments for this post. Continue the discussion here.

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