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Northfield.org hires two bloggers to be news reporters

n.org-logo With the departure of RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski, our friends at Northfield.org have decided to fill the gap by hiring bloggers Adam Gurno and Tim Freeland to do local news stories.  Their first three stories appear today:

Competition is good. Welcome to the neighborhood, boys.

WWW at 20; Northfield’s online presence at 15+

NCO web cafe NCO-dec-1996 The World Wide Web is 20 years old this month, though it really wasn’t until the availability of the Mosaic/Netscape browsers in 1994 that plain old citizens could surf the web, a big step up from the U of MN’s Gopher. By late 1994, my LoGroNo colleague Tracy Davis and I and the rest of the gang at Northfield Citizens Online had a web site up at nco.northfield.mn.us, and a year later, we had a full-blown web message board on it that we called the NCO Web Cafe. Tracy finessed the northfield.org domain name away from the Northfield News in March of 2000 and we converted the site to a blog in 2003. On the right is a screenshot of the NCO website from 1996, taken from the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. Note who was Chair. Note the two advertisers. See the Historical Roots of Locally Grown for more.

Boosting “the other guys”, fostering civic engagement

grandmarquee1-22In case you missed Griff’s comment on this in a previous thread, listen up: Northfield.org’s annual meeting is being held this Thursday, 1/22, at 7:00p at the Grand. The headliner of the meeting is a panel discussion, “Beyond Letters to the Editor: How everyday people can be heard in Northfield.” There will be time for questions and comments. (continued) Continue reading Boosting “the other guys”, fostering civic engagement