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Hey LaVerne, don’t forget to shovel your sidewalk

Ole Café snow-covered sidewalk Ole Café snow-covered sidewalk LaVerne Rippley
The Ole Café closed on Feb. 20,  the same day southern MN got hit with a big snowstorm. I noticed yesterday that the sidewalk in front of the store has not yet been shoveled. Believe it or not, LaVerne Rippley owns the building.

The City of Northfield’s policy on the shoveling and clearing private sidewalks reads:

By city ordinance (Ch. 70 Article I, §70-2) property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 12 hours after snow or ice precipitation has stopped. If snow and ice are not removed, it may be removed by authorized city personnel, and the costs for snow removal will be assessed against the property. Residents may report uncleared sidewalks to the Public Works office (contact information listed on the right side of this page).

I guess I’ll have to tattle on LaVerne to TJ so something can be done before next week’s big snowstorm hits.

Ole Café closes Sunday, Feb. 20.

Jane McWilliams at the Ole Cafe the Ole Café the Ole Café the Ole Café
I took these photos of the Ole Café on a snowy morning a couple of weeks ago when I had coffee with Jane McWilliams.

Posted to their Facebook page yesterday:

Attention Ole Cafe Customers…Only 7 days left to get your favorite Ole Cafe soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts:( 2/14/11: SOUPS Tomato Basil, Chicken Chili, Chicken Wild Rice, Mushroom and Barley:::::PASTA SALADS: Oriental Vegetable, Cashew Chicken

It’s kind of strange that there’s no explicit mention of the closing on that page nor on their website.  And in last week’s Northfield News article about the closing:

Cafe owner Angie Perez confirmed the closure Monday, but declined to elaborate on reasons behind the shuttering.

A snowy night at the Ole Cafe

Winter_NightBack in Nov. 2005, ArtOrg hosted the John Berkey Observed Exhibition, “the second and largest exhibition of world famous illustrator John Berkey’s seldom seen works.”

Berkey was best known for his science fiction illustrations but Robbie and I fell in love with the small-town look of ‘Moonrise’ (AKA Winter Night) and bought a print.

Ole Cafe
I took this photo of the Ole Cafe on Tuesday night when we had the gorgeous fluffy snowfall. Although the moon and stars weren’t out, the scene reminded me of Berkey’s Moonrise.

IMG_1765 IMG_1752
With more snow on the way today and this weekend, Northfield is picture postcard perfect for Christmas. Are we lucky or what?

Ole Cafe opens; grammar protest filed

The Ole Store has reopened as the Ole Cafe.

IMG_4714Ole CafeOle Cafe  Ole Cafe

I stopped by early Thursday morning, its second day of operation. Their coffeehouse opens at 5:30 am on weekdays, which I think is the earliest of any in Northfield. Owner Angie Perez was there (left photo, on the right) whipping things/staff into shape.

Ole Cafe Ole Cafe Ole Cafe Ole Cafe

The About Page on their almost-ready web site says they offer four concepts in one:

  • A cafeteria style eatery that offers a wide variety of soups, salads, build-your-own sandwiches, panninis, and during dinner hours – build-you-own-pasta bar.
  • A retail bakery that offers a wide range of cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars and breakfast pastries.
  • A pizza bar that offers a selection of freshly baked pizzas and a fine menu of beer and wine.
  • Finally, a coffee shop that offers a large selection of espresso drinks, blended coffee drinks and fresh brewed coffee that will start anyone’s day off right.

I noticed that the stage is gone from the coffeehouse, so they evidently don’t plan to offer live music.

parking lot sign parking lot signolecafe-sshot

Landlord and St. Olaf German professor LaVerne Rippley has changed the parking sign at the entrance to the lot (left photo from December), prompting the grammar police in the St. Olaf English Department to file a formal protest.

Jane McWilliams has blogged her breakfast experience there on Northfield.org. Unfortunately, the Northfield.org aggregator won’t be able to do its thing either on their blogosphere page nor in the homepage right sidebar box for local businesses because the attractively-designed website (right image above) doesn’t have an RSS feed.