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Celebrating Jesse James Days with a nod to the ‘defeat’ part

Outlaw Run Every Girl Loves an Outlaw James-Younger 1876 Rye Ale
I love it how the Northfield Historical Society and the DJJD committee are sneaky smart. Yes, they make sure we celebrate the ‘defeat’ part of the Defeat of Jesse James Days, especially with tributes to Joseph Lee Heywood.

But we all know—wink-wink—that the outlaws are the real draw. Heh.

A special preview of the beer will be made available during the Northfield Historical Society’s Outlaw Run motorcycle rally on August 27.

Hopefully, Outlaw Run participants will drink responsibly (for me on a motorcycle, that means non-alcoholic beer) and no one will bungle their ride.

But let’s give props to both the Northfield Historical Society and the DJJD committee for increasingly finding more ways for people celebrate the true fun part of DJJD: mayhem!  And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

Update 8/26:

More progress: The new line of shirts on sale at the Northfield Historical Society Rare Pair don’t use the word ‘defeat’ at all, just the phrase “Jesse James Days.”

Jesse James Days t-shirt 3 Jesse James Days t-shirt 1 Jesse James Days t-shirt 2

Photo album: Outlaw Run 2009

Yesterday’s Outlaw Run Motorcycle Rally was a vrooming success, attracting 180 riders (triple the numbers from last year) under cool sun-drenched skies. Kudos to Northfield Historical Society Executive Director Hayes Scriven, KYMN Radio’s Jeff Johnson, and all the volunteers for a very well-run event.

See the album of 70+ photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:


Sheriff’s Circle

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College City Beverage

Hooter MOA
 The Hideaway
 Northfield News  Northfield CVB

Posse Members

Archer House

Witt Borthers





Faribo Harley Davidson

Outlaw Run’s Hayes Scriven joins the Twittersphere

Hayes Scriven  Outlaw Run T-shirt
Northfield Historical Society Executive Director Hayes Scriven has joined the Twittersphere, just in time for tomorrow’s Outlaw Run. He says he’ll be tweeting throughout the day’s events. We’ll see. I’ll be riding in the event, checking his tweets and providing him instant feedback via my Twitter-enabled motorcycle helmet. You too can follow Hayes on Twitter.

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Get tuned up for the NHS Outlaw Run motorcycle rally

Outlaw Run Poster Cathy Collison, Eric HopeI was having a Barack Obama-type foreign beer on the Contented Cow’s outdoor patio with my sweetie last week and saw motorcyclists Cathy Collison, owner of Glass Garden Beads, chatting with Eric Hope, co-owner of Digs in the back parking lot.

I think I heard them making plans to attend the Northfield Historical Society’s 2009 Outlaw Run Motorcycle Rally on Aug. 22.

No, Eric’s not on a 1964 Honda SuperHawk 305 similar to the one Robert Pirsig rode on his trip in Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s a Honda Sport CB160.