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Glenn and Griff do the Pan Pan

Griff Wigley and Glenn Switzer at Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN London cheesecake at Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN
Glenn Switzer and I had lunch yesterday at the Pan Pan Café, 3rd and Division in downtown Northfield.

Yum!  The stir fry was superb, the London cheesecake was the best I’ve had in Northfield, and our personable waitress (name?) adeptly handled all the grief we dished out.

Glenn is Mayor of Dundas, a proprietor (with his wife Michelle Millenacker) of Archibald Inn B&B, and a co-owner of Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping. His blog: Glenn of Dundas.

Revolutionary! A Brit brings 4th of July fireworks to downtown Northfield

Dan Freeman, Patty Henry 4th July 2010 Norman Butler 
4th July 2010 posterI took this photo of Dan Freeman and postal worker Patty Henry in the doorway of Monkey See Monkey Read yesterday afternoon, pointing to the 4th of July poster in the window.

Dan’s been doing fundraising once again for the 4th of July fireworks and this year, he’s got two fireworks shows for us citizens.  (See the PDF poster for the complete schedule of events, including a change of times for the Kiddie parade and Kiddie carnival.)

Norman Butler, proprietor of Butler’s Steak & Ale, the Contented Cow, Chapati, and the soon-to-opened Pan Pan, has bellied up to the patriotic bar with a donation that, according to this article in the Nfld News,

was substantial enough to fund an additional fireworks show in Ames Park on the Fourth of July, Freeman said. The additional show, scheduled for 10 p.m., will not replace the regular fireworks display that Freeman has helped organize since 2002. Instead, the Ames Park show — limited in its size and height because of safety regulations — will precede the larger annual show, which launches from Sechler [sic] Park this year, Freeman said.

Ross Currier has a complete rundown of 4th of July weekend events in his NDDC blog post, Fireworks Mark Busy Weekend in Downtown.

Foursquare makes its way to Northfield retailers

foursquare foursquare at the GBM

I’ve been experimenting with Foursquare for the past couple of months. The app on my Android phone (also available on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm) uses GPS to show a list of nearby places. I can then check in to see if the business is offering a foursquare special, alert selected friends (txt msg, Twitter, etc) to my location, earn points, and acquire ‘badges’ for repeat check-ins. 

The person who has checked in the most at a given location becomes the ‘Mayor’ of that location. I’m currently the Mayor of the Goodbye Blue Monday but just lost my mayorship to someone named ‘Dan’ at the HideAway. Nationwide, retailers are starting to offer Mayor Specials. Starbucks launched a nationwide Mayors Special last week.

Last night was the first time I experienced a foursquare special from a Northfield-area retailer: the Contented Cow has a Foursquare special going this Memorial Day weekend. (No, I didn’t set this up, even though the Cow has been a client of mine for years.)

What other retailers are using Foursquare in the Northfield area?