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Gleeson removed from Parking Quality Control Commission; Council seeks replacement

improperly parked truck, owned by former PQQC member Jim GleesonOn Monday, an alert citizen used his cell phone camera to capture this photo of a truck parked improperly in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday.  He used the Tell the City form on the City of Northfield’s website to report the problem.

City staff traced the ownership of the truck to Jim Gleeson, a member of the City of Northfield’s Parking Quality Control Commission (PQQC) since it was formed back in October of 2006.

The incident came before the City Council on Tuesday.

"We simply can’t have a member of a city commission flagrantly disregarding the very municipal code that they’ve been charged to monitor," said First Ward Councilor Suzanna Kardashian. "How would it look if a member of the Hospital Board bought a pack of cigarettes from the City’s Municipal Liquor Store or Hospital Gift Shop and then tossed a butt out  the window of their car onto the sidewalk as they drove off? We’d be outraged.  This is on a par with that."

Councilors voted unanimously to remove Gleeson from the PQQC and to seek a replacement. Likely candidate: Nancy Hammermann, who has previously exhibited an interest and expertise in matters of parking quality.

Former PQQC member Jim Gleeson Former PQQC member Jim Gleeson
Gleeson was spotted departing the Council chambers via its back door on Tuesday night.  When asked to comment on the Council’s decision to remove him from the PQQC, had virtually nothing to say.

Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) quietly doing its job

Lost in the discussion about downtown parking is that the City of Northfield has a Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) to address the problem of irresponsible use of parallel parking spots in downtown Northfield. I first blogged about the PQCC back in Oct of 2006.

PQCC member 'Woody Wannamaker' Erratically parked car Last night while riding my bike downtown, Woody Wannamaker, one of the original members of the PQCC (not his real name; we use it here—and the photo of his shoes–to protect his identity. His real name is Jim Gleason) alerted me to this vehicle parked in front of KYMN’s studios on Division.

He also sent me this photo he’d taken earlier in the day with his cell phone of a car erratically parked in front of the GBM.

PQCC cell phone photo

City forms Parking Quality Control Commission

jimpokorney100w.jpgThe City of Northfield has formed a Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) to address the problem of irresponsible use of parallel parking spots in downtown Northfield. Councillor Jim Pokorney introduced the measure at last week’s Council meeting. Pokorney nominated Ken Bank, Jim Gleason, and Joel Pumper to be the initial members of the commission, with four others to be appointed a later date. The measure passed unanimously.

“It’s gotten to the point where some drivers — and I don’t have to tell you what gender I’m talking about — are treating parallel parking spots as diagonal parking. It’s starting to have a negative economic impact on downtown businesses. We have an Environmental Quality Commission (EQC). It’s time we did the same for parking quality.”

IMG_4270w800.jpg IMG_4260w800.jpg IMG_4261w800.jpg
On Saturday morning, the new PQCC (left photo, click to enlarge) went into action in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday when an unidentified woman from the group of runners parked her van and joined her friends inside. She was issued a warning citation which was forwarded to the Northfield Police Department. The department now has the option of using a GPS device to track the vehicle so that one of its officers can issue a parking citation ($25) should the violation be observed again.

“They should be called the Parking Control Vigilante Group,” said Nancy Amerman Anne Meyer Ruppel Nancy Amerman (3rd from right in right photo above). “It wasn’t my car — I parked in the back to avoid their intimidation tactics — but somehow this isn’t right. Women are being targeted unfairly here. How would they like it if there was an ordinance regulating the display of protruding middle-aged male bellies — a clear blight on our sidewalks?”