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There are now at least three Northfield area photographers on Capture Minnesota

Griff Wigley, John WaltersSenior Open photos by Corey ButlerCapture MinnesotaGlenn Switzer

I became an artist at 4 pm on Tuesday at the Senior Open and got to meet and chat with some of my, ahem, fellow artists. Among them: St. Olaf Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, John Walters who’s into many things in his retirement, including photography.  (See Corey Butler’s photos of the event on Northfield Patch.)

John told me about Capture Minnesota, a social network for Minnesota photographers hosted by TPT. See his Capture Minnesota page of 60+ photos.

I don’t know how many other Northfielders are members but a search of the word ‘Northfield’ brought up many Northfield-area photos, including 95 by Dundas Mayor Glenn Switzer who is Glenn of Dundas on the network.

I just joined and intend to get posting my photos Real Soon Now.

Anyone else on Capture Minnesota besides me, John, and Glenn?

City of Northfield dipping its toe in crowdsourcing: Mitch wants you to submit your photos for its new website

Michele 'Mitch' Merxbauer City of Northfield photo uploader

I coaxed Northfield Interim Community Development Director Michele ‘Mitch’ Merxbauer to stop by my corner office at GBM last Friday so I could take her photo to go along with her email request for photos:

The City of Northfield is undergoing a major website overhaul and we need your help! The City’s website is representative of our community and we are in need of pictures to showcase all the great places, people and events that make Northfield a fabulous place to live, work, shop and play!

Please submit any photos you feel represent Northfield. All seasons are needed! The website committee will review all submitted photos and choose several to frame the main pages of the new website. All photos used will be credited to the submitter. By submitting your photo, you are giving the City of Northfield permission, without compensation, to use the photo on the website and in any other media to represent Northfield.

Photos not chosen for the main page frames *may* still be used in other spots throughout the new website. Photos should be submitted to http://nfldmn.net/cpg/login.php by August 20, 2012. Photos should be submitted in JPG format at a maximum width of 300 pixels. For additional photo information, please see the web page listed above.

I think’s a very good sign that the City is engaging the citizenry in a little crowdsourcing at this early stage in the web site development process.

An even better sign? When I first registered for the photo submission site, the disclaimer text stated that the City of Northfield would have exclusive ownership over submitted photos. I explained to Mitch how that would be a big disincentive to many people, especially hobbyists like me and professional photographers, from submitting their favorite Northfield-related photos. We want to share the photos but we also want to retain ownership. Within a couple of hours, the City staff met and had the wording changed.  Cool.

Downtown Northfield: good for law firms. Photography studios? Not so much.

former Ali Hohn Photography studio former Hoffman's Photography studio former Stone Cottage Photo location Green LightHouse studio
I noticed this week that the downtown storefront for Ali Hohn Photography is empty.  A month ago, Northfield Patch did a story titled Hoffman’s Photography Closed? It’s been a while but Stone Cottage Photo had a studio on Bridge Square. I’m not sure what’s happening with Green LightHouse on Division above Champion Sports but their website is dead. And Harmon’s Photography in the lower level of the Nutting Block has disappeared.

Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen Reppe Law Office  James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office
Meanwhile, law firms have been picking up the slack. Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen has moved into the former Northfield Insurance location at 507 Division, right across the street from the Reppe Law Office. And James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office are now officing in back of the Just Food Co-op building.

Other law firms located downtown:  Lampe Law Group, Grundhoefer & LudescherFrago & Lasswell, Hvistendahl, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn, Schmitz, Ophaug and Dowd, Arnold Law and Mediation. (Have I missed any?)

Why are law firms thriving downtown but not photography studios?