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Dr. Aaron Swingdorf, new guy at Professional Drive Dental Group

Jerry Appeldoorn has been my dentist at Professional Drive Dental Group (PDDG) for as long as I can remember.  But one of my teeth needed attention on a day he was gone recently so I got stuck with the group’s newest dentist, Aaron Swingdorf. He wasn’t just filling in.

Aaron "Darth Vader" Swingdorf with Griff Wigley Dr. Aaron Swingdorf with Griff Wigley Professional Drive Dental Group
It turns out, he’s not half bad. Originally, he was a dentist in Perth.  Good sense of humor (does a good Darth Vader imitation). Up-to-date on all the latest technology. Adept with sharp and noisy tools. Not really all that sadistic.

There are so many links between dental health and overall health, systemic health, fatigue and energy in particular. So I wanted to bring her on so she could tell you guys all about this subject and answer the question, can bad teeth make you sick and tired? Learn more about your oral health here https://www.theenergyblueprint.com/can-bad-teeth-make-you-sick/.

At my first appointment, I noticed that he wasn’t listed on the PDDG doctors web page so I told him I considered him an imposter. I kept nagging the office staff at my follow up appointments until finally last week, his page got put up by their web design firm. It was like pulling teeth. Now if they would only add him to the Doctors page.  They should know the drill.

Word of mouth: Aaron’s dad, Brad Swingdorf, is a dentist with Cahill Dental Care in Inver Grove Heights.

Update 9 pm: I added a photo of the PDDG building, parking and sign.  I wonder how long it’ll be before Dr. Aaron gets his name on the sign.

Social networking at the Como Zoo’s spring flower show

Robbie and I took in the sight and smells of the spring flower show at Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden yesterday.

Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden
I was immediately drawn to the spectacle of a dozen little kids leaning over the edge of the pool.  The hovering mother behind them: Northfielder Barb Wager, who I normally see in the business office when I visit Jerry Appledorn’s and his house of pain, AKA Professional Drive Dental.

Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden Robbie Wigley at Como Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden
The photo of my sweetie on the right is a keeper. Her new smile courtesy of our genius Salt Lake City dentist, she is so happy and you know the saying: happy wife, happy life.

Alex Huff Kristin Hortenbach
And then while taking photos of the flowers, I met someone I’d only communicated with via email and phone (about social media, natch), Alex Huff, CEO of LoudClick. (He heard Robbie use my name and wondered per chance if “Griff” might be that Northfield “Griff.”)  Snapping photos like me, only with a way better camera, was Alex’s wife and LoudCloud president, Kristin Hortenbach. Alas, I neglected to get a photo of them so here are a couple of thumbnails, taken from their Picasaweb albums.