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Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements
Workers from Schad Tracy Signs put up a new sign at the Quarterback Club on Hwy 3 at 3rd St. yesterday, part of its landscaping improvements with cost-sharing help from the City of Northfield (see below).

Quarterback Club signs, old and new The old quarterback the new quarterback Quarterback Club sign in place
Unfortunately, the image of the quarterback on the sign is not quite what owner Dale Finger expected. As I wrote in a comment on yesterday’s Guess what this image is blog post, it looks to me like a chicken drumstick being shaken to the point where the skin and miscellaneous spices are flying off.

A fix is evidently in the works. Here are the details on the cost-sharing with the City:

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This is a new version of a familiar image in Northfield. What is it? And what does it remind you of?

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Something’s up at the Quarterback Club. But what?