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Robbie’s weekend in the limelight

My sweetie, Robbie Wigley, was in the limelight a bit this weekend.

Robbie Wigley - Melaleuca convention 2013 (photo by Vicki Dilley)20130505_061245

Left: She got an award at the Melaleuca convention in Salt Lake City. Among the hundreds of Senior Directors, she was third in customer retention for the year, this is like getting  seal of e-excellence on her field, like the online companies receive.

Right: She was in a photo on the front page of yesterday’s Northfield News in a story about the Clothes Closet at the Community Action Center of Northfield where she volunteers.

Finally: snow and cold

Robbie Wigley with Laylapoodle
It’s been long time (two years?) since we’ve had significant snow here in Northfield. Today’s 8+ inches of heavy wet snow was only half the amount that some places got around the Metro area but good enough to make things spectacularly pretty, including these two, Robbie and Layla. 

The wet snow stuck to Layla’s underbelly and legs, making her look like a toy poodle, which was worrisome to me. One never knows when the Rotary might hold another Poodle Shoot fundraiser.

What can Northfield learn from NYC?

Griff Wigley, Amanda Wigley, Collin Wigley,  Collin Wigley, Amanda Wigley, Izzy, Robbie Wigley 
You may have noticed that my blog posts in the past week have been somewhat fluff-oriented. Thin. Light weight. Boring, even. That’s because Robbie and I spent the past week in the New York City/Jersey City area,  visiting our son Collin and his wife Amanda.  When traveling/on vacation, I don’t like spending too much time on LoGro, but I feel compelled to have something new on the blog every day because 500-1000 people visit daily.

Stop praying. God's too busy to find you a parking spotWe got back late last night and I’ve got a few blog posts in my head on the theme: What can Northfield learn from NYC?  I’ll get them up over the next week, photos included, of course.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of a whimsical billboard that we spotted adjacent to the High Line.

City installs pet waste signs at entrances to Hidden Valley Park

At a recent Valley Pond Townhome Association meeting (where I live), we discussed whether the Association should pay to have the City of Northfield install one or more pet waste stations (example here) along the trail in Hidden Valley Park

The Board decided that a better first step would be to ask the City to install "Please Clean Up After Your Pet" signs to see if that solved the problem.

pet waste sign at entrance to Hidden Valley Park Robbie Wigley, inserting pet waste bags on sign Robbie Wigley, inserting pet waste bags on sign
A couple weeks ago a City crew installed signs at the three entrances/exits to the park. Our Association cost: $54.  Robbie has been stuffing pet waste bags into the holes in the signs.  And people are using them.

Cool public/private collaboration, eh?

Chocolate consumption pays dividends

 Joyce Hoogenakker and Robbie Wigley Joyce Hoogenakker and Victoria Langer
Joyce Hoogenakker at Fine Threads Classic & Casual Clothing (Facebook page) was the designated dispenser of gifts this week for last Saturday’s Le Tour du Chocolat shoppers who checked in at all 13 participating retailers. 

My sweetie’s name was drawn for a kitchen set from Rooms by Tagg 2 and when we went to pick it up on Tuesday, Northfielder Victoria Langer was there to pick up her gift certificate from Fine Threads.

Photo album: scenes while snowshoeing in the Arb

Robbie and I strapped on our 40-year old Vermont Tubbs wooden snowshoes on Saturday afternoon and went for a short trek in lower Arb along Spring Creek.

Amy Boxrud Doug Bratland Fireplace at the Contented Cow Contented Cow
We had to contend with hordes of pesky cross country skiers like the above hotshots, Amy Boxrud and her main squeeze, Doug Bratland. We ended with drinks in front of the fireplace at the Contented Cow.

See the album of 14 photos, the large slideshow (recommended), or this small slideshow:

Podcast: who cleans the toilets at your home?

Tracy Davis, Griff Wigley, no Ross Currierscott-hilburn-cartoonMy sweetie happened to walk by the KYMN studio window as we started recording this week’s show. Tracy waved her in and before I knew it, instead of discussing the politics of Northfield, we were discussing the politics of household chores, triggered by last week’s blog post on Deciphering the paradox of declining female happiness. This toilet-related Argyle Sweater cartoon by Scott Hilburn featured prominently in our discussion. Where were you when I needed you, Ross?

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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Date night for long-marrieds: novelty is key. However…

47345502 The world is all atwitter (heh) over the Obama’s date nights. (NY Times: If They Can Find Time for Date Night …; LA Times: First Couple’s date night a fascination and inspiration. Jon Stewart, however, was not impressed: “How do you compete with that? Take it down a notch, dude. By the end of your term, you’re having NASA write her name on the moon in laser.”)

It turns out, it is possible to compete with that. NY Times: Reinventing Date Night for Long-Married Couples: Brain and behavior researchers say many couples are going about date night all wrong:

Simply spending quality time together is probably not enough to prevent a relationship from getting stale… The goal is to find ways to keep injecting novelty into the relationship. The activity can be as simple as trying a new restaurant or something a little more unusual or thrilling — like taking an art class or going to an amusement park. The theory is based on brain science…

Robbie WigleyIt is possible to go overboard on the novelty, however. “C’mon, honey. It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s pouring rain. Let’s go camping!” Yep, that’s my sweetie, looking like a hazmat worker but still as cute as ever, trying to keep warm and dry at Frontenac State Park on Saturday night. Let’s just say it was a memorable experience.



Northfield neighborhoods join the blogosphere

Valley Pond Townhome Assoc. Northfield Eastside Neighborhood Association Two new neighborhood blogs have joined Northfield’s blogosphere in recent months. The Northfield Eastside Neighborhood Association (NESNA) launched its blogsite in December under the stewardship of Ed Lufkin. See the Dec. 23 Northfield News article titled New site aims to connect eastside residents. And last month, the Valley Pond Townhome Association (VPTA) launched its blogsite in the Hidden Valley Park neighborhood. Robbie Wigley is the chief blogger there, with some marginal support from her main squeeze.

Friends of Way Park was the pioneer Northfield neighborhood blog starting in 2005 but has been dormant since last summer. Are there other neighborhood blogs out there that I don’t know about?