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Are Northfield businesses leveraging bricks with clicks?

Hans Muessig and Ross Currier Hans Muessig presentation in Northfield
Northfielder Hans Muessig is a Director with the Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities program at University of Minnesota Extension. Last week, he was the presenter for Doing business online, the first in a series of three workshops on ‘Reaching Customers in the 21st Century’ that’s sponsored by the NDDC, the EDA, the NEC, and the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

See Ross Currier’s posts on his NDDC blog:

Photos: NDDC partnership celebration 2012

NDDC-2012-Partnership-Celebration-posterThe Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC) held its annual partnership celebration at the Grand Event Center on Friday night. 

Ross Currier’s prediction came true. There was "live music, free appetizers, a cash bar, a low-key raffle, and a whole bunch of friends and neighbors." 

See the large slideshow of 9 photos (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Proposed: City of Northfield Statement for Our Safe and Welcoming Community

Ross Currier has sent this to City of Northfield Mayor Mary Rossing and other members of the City Council.

City of Northfield Statement for Our Safe and Welcoming CommunityMary –

I am writing to you not as executive director of the NDDC but as a citizen of Northfield.  It is on a subject about which I have very strong beliefs.

Northfield’s economy is driven by knowledge workers, the "creative class", or economic innovators.  These individuals, businesses, and institutions "export" their information-based products and services around the country and the world.  Their clients and customers reflect the diversity our our country and our world.  In addition, our economic future is based on our community’s ability to continue to attract and retain these people and these organizations.  Northfield must be safe and welcoming to all people.

Working with a small group of Northfield citizens, I have drafted a statement (which I have attached) that I hope the Council will adopt for MLK Day 2012.  For many Americans, Dr. King has come to symbolize the on-going struggle for human rights.  I thought adopting the statement for his birthday was a way of honoring his work.

I have only managed to share this idea with a dozen or so people.  I plan to come to the January 3rd City Council meeting to ask for Council adoption of the statement.  I may be alone or I may be joined by others.

Thank you for considering my request and thank you for all you do for Northfield,


It’s not about the hat: Get your buns to the Grand for the debaucherous A Trashy Little Christmas

Ross Currier and Griff Wigley, pimping for A Trashy Little Christmas A Trashy Little Christmas - Northfield 2011 - Trailer Trash
I put on my treasured Xmas tree balls hat this morning at the GBM, as NDDC ED Ross Currier and I are in full promo mode for tomorrow night’s big event:

Trailer Trash brings their celebrated holiday show, A Trashy Little Christmas, to the Grand Event Center here in Northfield. Details here.

VitaMN’s Dec. 8 Naughty Holidays blurb:

Honky-tonk band Trailer Trash has drawn sell-out crowds for nearly 20 years with its debaucherous “Trashy Little Xmas” show at Lee’s. These guys are the real deal — the band’s first collection of Christmas covers, 1996’s “Hell, It’s X-mas,” remains one of the best local holiday albums of all time. For the show, revel in the band’s revamped classic and not-so-classic holiday tunes, from Clarence Carter’s “Backdoor Santa” to Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” (along with a few originals), and get into the spirit by coming dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus, or one of their elves.

NEC convenes coworking group; photos of CoCo MSP’s new Mpls space show what’s possible

Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 
Yesterday afternoon, Megan Allen Tsui, Executive Director of the Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC), convened a meeting of possible stakeholders and other people interested in creating a coworking/incubator/accelerator space in Northfield (background blog post here). We met in a conference room at the Neuger Communications Group.

Other attendees: Ross Currier (NDDC), Tami Enfield, Rick Estenson (First National Bank Northfield, NEC, Chamber), Kathy Feldbrugge (Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce), Jody Gunderson (City of Northfield), Beth Kallestad (CRWP), Julie Kildahl, Dave Neuger (Neuger Communications Group, Chamber), Rhonda Pownell (Northfield City Council), Donna Rae Scheffert, Mary Schmelzer (Northfield Enterprise Center),  Justin Volling (St. Olaf student), and Erica Zweifel (Northfield City Council).

Tentative next steps include a community awareness meeting in January, as well as a couple of coworking jellies.

After the meeting, I attended an event at CoCo MSP’s new space in the Grain Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis.

Here are some photos of what it now looks like, with its:

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
large event space;

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
open tables;

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
and dedicated desk and ‘campsite’ spaces.

Photo fraud committed for NDDC alumni entrepreneur recruitment poster

NDDC poster, The Lion's Pause, St. Olaf NDDC poster, The Lion's Pause, St. Olaf 
When I was up at St. Olaf’s Buntrock Commons a couple weeks ago for the Eat Local Challenge, I noticed a big NDDC poster outside of The Lion’s Pause with the headline: Locate your business in downtown Northfield.

NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier published an Oct. 3 blog post that explains. An excerpt:

One of the new initiatives that this group developed was alumni entrepreneur recruitment. In addition to promoting downtown Northfield as a marketplace, we wanted to promote it as a business location, particularly to the graduates of Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges. We introduced the concept for the first time at this year’s Homecoming Weekends.

I knew this poster was in the works because back in early August, Ross had asked me to contribute photos for it and they needed one additional: a photo of creative class types working in a coffeehouse.

Creative class working at the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse, Northfield, MNAll month long, I kept watching for a good photo op from my early morning corner office at GBM but it never quite came together. 

So on Aug. 29, noticing that I had the raw material for a photo, I asked the laptop users to switch tables.  I then asked Nancy Amerman who was sitting with a group of runners to sit at my laptop for the photo.  Perfecto.

It should be noted that Nancy felt no shame over helping to perpetuate this fraud, whereas at least I felt conflicted. And yet she calls herself a Christian. Go figure.