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Coping with the effects of the MN government shutdown

Our plans to camp at Sakatah Lake State Park over weekend were axed due to the MN Government shutdown.  So we headed to SE Minnesota instead, hoping that we’d find a place to camp somewhere along the Blufflands State Trail. Previous blog posts tell the story: we found a spot to camp in Sylvan Park in Lanesboro.

On Saturday, the effects of Friday night’s severe thunderstorm were everywhere: trees and branches on and blocking the trails. The MN DNR maintains the trails and normally would have been out in force to quickly clear them for the big holiday weekend. But with the shutdown, DNR employees are laid off.

trees and branches down on the Blufflands State Trail trees and branches down on the Blufflands State Trail trees and branches down on the Blufflands State Trail trees and branches down on the Blufflands State Trail
The good news: a chainsaw-toting network of local landowners, volunteers, and even laid-off DNR employees had all the trails open by mid-day on Saturday. We only had to carry our bikes across one downed tree on Saturday afternoon but it was removed on our return trip. It’s a good example of how motivated citizens can take on a task that government typically provides.

The bad news:  the trails are littered with millions of small sticks and branches, often making for a very bumpy ride (photo on far right). It’s likely that those will remain on the trail until the shutdown ends and DNR staff can get out and sweep the trail (example here.)  It’s a good example of how motivated citizens can’t do everything that government typically provides.

Bike trail travels: Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery

Robbie got a new bike from Milltown Cycles a few weeks ago and we’ve started exploring Minnesota’s bike trails. LoGro readers can expect an occasional blog post and tweet when we come across something y’all might find interesting. I’ll tag the posts bike trail travels.

Last night after riding a segment of the Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail near Sakatah Lake State Park, we took an alternate route on the drive back home to Northfield and ended up in downtown Montgomery.

Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN Big Honza at the Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN outdoor patio at Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN

outdoor patio at Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN Roman Holiday pizza at Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN Diane & Troy Domine, Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, MN 
Robbie immediately noticed the attractive Pizzeria 201 restaurant with Big Honza Giganticzech adjacent to its outdoor patio.  So we stopped for drinks, a delicious thin crust pizza (Roman Holiday – see their PDF menu), gelato, and got to meet the friendly owners, Diane and Troy Domine, and a few of their five kids.

Many Northfielders pay a visit to Montgomery during Kolacky Days in late July. You now have another reason to go more often.