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  I attended the Coworking Incubator/Accelerator Community Brainstorming Session yesterday in the Archer House lower level conference room, hosted by the Northfield Enterprise Center. I don’t have time to summarize…

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Northfielder, Ole, and web designer Sean Hayford O’Leary has put up a web page titled We need a Jefferson Road Bikeway.  His introduction: Jefferson Road, once a rural route from…


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The City of Northfield’s Nonmotorized Transportation Task Force sunsets this month. Some of the members started a new blog about a month ago titled Northfield Nonmotorized, with the tagline: “Northfield…

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Northfielder David Folland has a new website for his violin, viola, and cello studio. Northfield web designer Sean Hayford O’Leary (and regular participant here on Locally Grown) did the site.


gbm-sshot It’s only been 17 years but Dan Riggins and Katherine Dominguez at the Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House (GBM) now have a website. Sean Hayford O’Leary did the design and construction (using WordPress, of course).   I did a quick web search and found a 2005 review of the Blue Monday by the Meridian Coffeehouse blog (“All about Coffee House Culture – Running a Coffee House, Living the Coffee House Lifestyle”). They wrote… (continued)