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Photos: the NEC hosts a gathering on coworking

Northfield coworking planning session Megan Tsui, Pat Allen
I attended the Coworking Incubator/Accelerator Community Brainstorming Session yesterday in the Archer House lower level conference room, hosted by the Northfield Enterprise Center.

I don’t have time to summarize what happened (hopefully, ED Megan Tsui will do that!) but I’m guessing there will be a website within a month, as Sean Hayford O’Leary and I volunteered to get that going.

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DSC07286 DSC07287 DSC07277

We need a Jefferson Road bikeway

Northfielder, Ole, and web designer Sean Hayford O’Leary has put up a web page titled We need a Jefferson Road Bikeway

His introduction:

Jefferson Road, once a rural route from Northfield to Dundas, is now the only city street that follows the same route as South Highway 3. As Highway 3 has a high speed limit and almost no nonmotorized accommodations, Jefferson Road has become a popular bikeway for accessing the southwest corner of Northfield, including retail areas at Target and Heritage Square. This document discusses Jefferson Road from West Jefferson Parkway to Hidden Valley Road, which is being resurfaced in 2011.

Jefferson Road’s resurfacing and associated issues are before the Northfield City Council. See:

The issue was on the agenda for this week’s (June 14) Council work session. See pages 4-6 of the packet, as it contained this information about extending the bike/walking trail:

Trail – Staff was asked to consider extension of the trail that ends at 1605 Heritage Drive (Community Resource Bank property). Because of the time constraints for providing this information, a complete evaluation could not be completed. However, some preliminary information is provided below.

  • For the purposes of this review it was assumed that the trail would be extended from the current dead end, north along the east boundary of TH3 to Jefferson Parkway. The length of trail is approximately 4,500 feet. Alternate alignment options should be considered if this option moves forward.
  • Section 5 of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan provides preliminary planning costs for various types of transportation improvements. Basic trail is estimated about $150,000 per mile. The basic cost only includes minimal grading, subbase and trail surface. Special project needs such as property acquisition, easements, soil corrections, etc. are not included. This segment of trail is estimated to cost more than $130,000.
  • Location of the trail in the ROW of TH3 would require coordination with MnDOT and acquisition of appropriate use permits.
  • Location of the trail on private property would require coordination with MnDOT and acquisition of appropriate use permits.
  • Location of the trail on private property would require acquisition of permanent trail easements along with temporary construction easements.
  • Most of the residential lots are wooded along the west property line. Tree loss is expected to be needed to accomplish this trail. Until a survey is completed to define property boundaries in relation to tree locations, a true impact cannot be determined.

See Sean’s analysis and proposed solutions and chime in here with your questions and reactions.

Got questions about using WordPress? Register now to attend your choice of two Webinars on Oct. 26

WordPress webinarMany websites and blogs in the Rice County area are running on the WordPress platform, the most popular content management system in the world.  While WordPress is relatively easy to use, its flexibility and extensibility can be overwhelming.  And some of its advanced features can challenge the technical ability of even savvy webmasters.

So I’m putting on my Wigley and Associates hat and teaming up with two of my longtime colleagues, Tracy Davis and Sean Hayford O’Leary, to offer two free WordPress Q&A Webinars on Tuesday, Oct. 26, one at 11 am and the other at 8 pm.

Sean Hayford O'Leary Tracy Davis Griff Wigley
Sean and Tracy are experienced designers with considerable technical skills.  I can’t design my way out of a paper bag but I have set up many dozen WordPress sites and I’m not half bad as a coach.

The 11 am Webinar will be primarily for intermediate to advanced users with Sean and Tracy featured; the 8 pm webinar will be for beginning to intermediate users with me as the beauty on duty.

If you’re using WordPress and live or work anywhere in Rice County, you’re eligible.  But you must register ahead of time; the sooner the better, as we’re limiting each session to the first 25 registrants.


  • WordPress Q&A Level 2 (intermediate to advanced users, featuring Sean and Tracy): Tuesday, October 26th, 11 am-noon CDT
  • WordPress Q&A Level 1 (beginning to intermediate users, featuring Griff): Tuesday, October 26th, 8-9 pm CDT

Have questions about the webinars?  Attach a comment below or contact me.

The economic stimulus from consulting: more than $1.65. Can I get an EDA loan now?

My consulting business brings an infusion of $1.65 to downtown Northfield most days, depending on where I have coffee. Last week I was happy to ratchet that up a bit with two client meetings at the HideAway CoffeeHouse and Winebar.

Neal Peirce, Farley Peters, Sean Hayford O'Leary, Curtis Johnson  at the HideAwayThe principals of The Citistates Group paid a visit to Northfield on Wednesday to meet with me and Northfield web designer Sean Hayford O’Leary. Sean and I have worked with Neal Peirce, Farley Peters, and Curtis Johnson for years but had never met with them F2F.

Al DeKruif, Daryl Bauer, Brian WermerskirchenOn Thursday, I met with Republican-endorsed Senate 25 candidate Al DeKruif and two of his campaign volunteers, Daryl Bauer and Brian Wermerskirchen. I’m working with them on social media-related activities for Al’s campaign.

The first time my consulting business had a huge economic impact (dozens of dollars!) on downtown Northfield was in the summer of 2004 when a group of Brits from the Blair government descended on the Contented Cow, desperate for British beer. They returned with some colleagues in the summer of 2005.

I hope this helps for the day when I need to hit up the Northfield EDA for a loan, I also know that unsecuredloans4u.co.uk offers a long term personal loan if ever need it.

New blog: Northfield Nonmotorized

sean-glassesnomo-sshotThe City of Northfield’s Nonmotorized Transportation Task Force sunsets this month. Some of the members started a new blog about a month ago titled Northfield Nonmotorized, with the tagline: “Northfield and Dundas Trails and Bikeways | Safe Routes to School | Mill Towns Trail.”

Sean Hayford O’Leary is the primary blogger thus far, with Neil Lutsky and Bill Ostrem chiming in with comments.

Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House gets a website

gbm-sshot It’s only been 17 years but Dan Riggins and Katherine Dominguez at the Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House (GBM) now have a website. Sean Hayford O’Leary did the design and construction (using WordPress, of course).   I did a quick web search and found a 2005 review of the Blue Monday by the Meridian Coffeehouse blog (“All about Coffee House Culture – Running a Coffee House, Living the Coffee House Lifestyle”). They wrote… (continued)

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