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At last, a photo of sex al fresco right here in Northfield

vitamn-sexalfresco-cover-tn sex al fresco in Northfield, MNHidden Valley Park, Northfield

Ever since I first blogged about Sex al fresco in Northfield back in 2007, I’m been waiting to get my own photo of it happening so I didn’t have to keep using Vita.mn’s Summer Love cover image.

A week or so ago, I took the photo of the two bugs going at it on the milkweed pod in the wildflower prairie that surrounds the pond in Hidden Valley Park, right behind our house.

More critter photos from that day:


Sex al fresco redux by the Northfield News: ‘Getting it on in the great outdoors’

Last month, the Northfield News posted this to their Facebook page:

There is something blissfully naughty about getting intimate in public. In high school, we necked in the back seat of our cars on a deserted road because there was no where else to go, I remember back then I had a Mercedes Benz car lease and I used to love my car more than anything. Then, we grew up, got married and forgot about the thrill of fooling around under the threat of getting caught. Plenty of studies suggest a little hanky panky in public is a great way to heat up your sex life. But let’s be real, we’re southern Minnesotans. We don’t do that kind of thing.

Or do we? When the mood hits and you’re looking for a change of scenery, where do you take your partner? A local park with secluded trails? A dead end road with a great view of the sunset? A boat in the middle of a quiet lake? Let us know, SoMinn, where do you go to fool around in the great outdoors? We’ll use as many of the locations as we can in our upcoming edition of our A&E publication, SCENE.

I added a comment in response to Faribault Daily News editor and article author Jaci Smith:

Props, Jaci! I did a “sex al fresco in Northfield” blog post back in 2007 on LoGro, based on a Vita.mn article by Alexis McKinnis. Details: https://locallygrownnorthfield.org/post/1607/

So MN Scene - April cover 2013 So MN Scene - Getting it on in the great outdoors
The April issue of SouthernMinn SCENE is now out in print and online and Jaci Smith’s article, Getting it on in the great outdoors, is on page 42.  She included this reference to VitaMN and LoGro:

Closer to home, about six years ago, the Star Tribune’s Vita.mn took an informal poll and discovered that there was plenty of outdoor sex going on in the Twin Cities, particularly in some of the more isolated areas of the University of Minnesota-St. Paul campus.

So, Northfield blogger Griff Wigley did his own informal poll on Locally Grown Northfield, and found out that outdoor sex is alive and well in the city Jesse lames made famous. And Wigley makes a great point, too. Sex al fresco has been going on since the Garden of Eden.

For a look back, see my 2007 blog post Sex al fresco in Northfield and attached comment thread.

VitaMN‘s original story by Alexis McKinnis, Sex … al fresco, is still online.


Sex al fresco in Northfield


The StarTribune’s entertainment tabloid, VitaMN, ran a story last week titled Sex … al fresco by Alexis McKinnis.

“When the weather warms up, Minnesotans can’t get enough sex — outdoor sex, that is.”

It caused enough of a stir that Kate Parry, Star Tribune Reader’s Representative, devoted her Sunday column to it: Reality check needed on ‘Sex al fresco.’

McKinnis has her own blog, Girl Friday – Confessions of a Concierge, and she’s blogged her response to Parry: Oops, There Goes My Skirt Droppin’ to My Feet. MNSpeak has a long discussion thread on the topic.

Since McKinnis’ neighborhood is Northeast, and since she grew up in North Branch where she says “It’s just something we always did growing up,” I’m thinking that Northfield must be ranked highly in this al fresco activity that dates back to the Garden of Eden.

So I’ve set up a straw poll and added it to upper lower right sidebar. And I’ve temporarily suspended our unwritten rule about using your real name when attaching a comment to a blog post.

STRAW POLL: How many times have you had sex outdoors in the Northfield area?
(See poll in upper lower right sidebar.)

Tell us your stories of your outdoor sex al fresco escapades by attaching a comment here, either using your real name or a pseudonym with a fake email address.

Since the topic might be controversial, I’ve added another poll:

What’s your opinion of sex al fresco?
(See poll in upper lower right sidebar.)

Weigh in with your comments about this post, pro or con.

And now, a little exerpt from Greg Brown’s “The Poet Game“:

Down by the river junior year
walking with my girl,
and we came upon a place
there in the tall grass where a couple had been making love
and left the mark of their embrace.
I said to her, “Looks like they had some fun.”
She said to me, “Let’s do the same.”
and still I taste her kisses
and her freckles in the sun
when I play the poet game.