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Target joins Locally Grown to lower community decency standards

Target's Valentine's Day cardsYesterday’s Strib ran an AP article about how the Vermont Country Store catalog has started selling sex toys and related items.  Target also sells a whole line of sexual health items on its website including dildos for the ladies and vibrating rings for the guys. The Northfield Target had a ‘hot and steamy’ Valentine’s Day card section that was quite good, IMHO. One card pictured a woman holding a wooden dummy saying “He’s short and kind of a dummy, Judy, but he stays hard all night long!”  Another card pictured handcuffs on the front saying “Are you gonna come quietly?” and on the inside “Or are we gonna wake the neighbors?” Clever! Now if only a downtown Northfield retailer would follow Target’s lead on the sex toys. It would save me a ton on shipping costs.