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City installs bicycle signs on both sides of Jefferson Road

Jefferson Road bike lane sign Jefferson Road 'share the road' sign Jefferson Road storm water grate 
On the newly paved Jefferson Road between Jefferson Parkway and Heritage Drive, the City of Northfield has installed 13 ‘BIKE LANE/No Parking’ signs on the east side of the street and 7 ‘SHARE THE ROAD’ signs on the west side.  All the storm water grates have been spray-painted a florescent green.

Will there be striping? Stay tuned.

Update Oct. 8: Striping is now complete on both sides, with bike icons and arrows in the bike lane on the east side of the street.

Jefferson Road bike striping Jefferson Road bike striping Jefferson Road bike striping

Update Oct. 10: This morning, a City of Northfield street crew was removing the overabundance of bike lane signs that were installed by the contractor. The signs will be used elsewhere:

removal of Jefferson Road bike lane sign