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Sheena Basness wants you to know about the cheap spay/neuter clinic coming to Northfield on April 30th

Spay and Neuter flier - EnglishDSC08670  Spay and Neuter flier - Spanish 

Sheena Basness, Community Service Officer with the Northfield Police Department, stopped by my corner office at GBM last week to tell me about a cheap spay/neuter clinic on that’s coming to town on April 30, hosted by the Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MNSNAP).

See the Spay and Neuter flier in English and in Spanish. You must pre-register. Call Shirley Taggart at 507-685-2393 to reserve a spot.

vet servicesSheena said there would also be some vet services available for a fee. See the image on the right.

More at Nfld Patch: Reduced-Price Spay and Neuter Clinic Coming to Northfield.

Low-income families and individuals will have any opportunity next week to get their pet spayed or neutered at a reduced cost. “This is the first time for us doing anything like this,” said Sheena Basness, a Northfield community services police officer involved in the clinic.

The clinic costs $25 for each pet that is spayed or neutered. The visit also includes a basic checkup. A basic neuter usually costs about $150 and a spay costs around $200, Basness said.

Do we need a downtown parking hall of shame?

Sheena Basness, Community Service Officer, Northfield Police DepartmentSheena Basness, Community Service Officer with the Northfield Police Department, was chalking tires downtown in front of Hogan Bros on Tuesday morning.  I’ve been waiting a long time to get this photo, as I commented here last year in the discussion on the blog post Downtown parking: what’s really needed? in which I’d asked:

Do downtown business owners and their employees too often park in these spots or is that a myth?

How rigorously do the police enforce downtown parking ordinances?

The City Council has rejected for now the Streetscape Task Force’s recommendation to:

… spend an estimated $760,000 to purchase a parcel on Washington Street near the library, raze a home on the site and add parking.

So what can be done to improve parking availability downtown? Officer Basness said she chalks tires several times a week in the two-hour parking zone downtown. She indicated that there are several (many?) downtown store/building owners and office workers who are chronic offenders, that citations are $10 if paid promptly, and that an accumulation of 5 tickets results in a stiffer fine.

I couldn’t find anything (can anyone else find it?) specific about downtown parking in the Municipal Code section ARTICLE IV. – STOPPING, STANDING AND PARKING but Sec. 78-104. – Violation and penalties says:

Any person who violates sections 78-93(a), 78-94, 78-96, 78-97, 78-99, 78-101, 78-102, 78-103, 78-105, and 78-106 shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor punishable by a fine in the amount established by resolution. Each two-hour period in a two-hour parking zone that a violation of this section exists shall be a separate offense. After the first tagged violation, each 15-minute period in a no parking yellow zone, bus stop or taxi zone or a double parking zone shall be a separate offense. All vehicles in violation are subject to being towed away at the owner’s expense.

I like the idea of parking hall of shame website/blog like the Jersey City Parking Hall of Shame Inductees.

Police Association golf tournament has career impact

Sheena Basness, Community Service Officer with the Northfield Police Department, alerted me about this year’s Police Association Golf Tournament (4-person best-ball scramble), held on Monday at the Northfield Golf Club.

I arrived just in time to watch Northfield Police Chief Mark Taylor (blue shirt) compete in the putting contest.  He pretty much sucked and is reportedly considering keeping his day job.

Northfield Police Chief Mark Taylor, about to miss again Sheena Basness, Northfield Community Service Officer Sheena Basness, Northfield Community Service Officer Northfield Police Association golf tournament Roster, Northfield Police Association golf tournament

EDA VP Steve Engler nabbed for dress code violations

Steve Engler Steve Engler, Sheena BasnessEDA member Steve Engler was pulled over yesterday morning in front of the First National Bank Northfield by Sheena Basness, Community Service Officer for the Northfield Police Department.

Steve was cited for violating several provisions of the new EDA dress code including (see enlarged photos with red arrows):

Left photo: Section 2b “pants no lower than 1 inch below waistline”; Section 4d “no wallet marks on back jean pockets”

Right photo: Section 7d “no writing utensils and papers in front shirt pockets”; Section 9f “belt buckles must be 50% or more smaller than Chip DeMann’s belt buckle.