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HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar

I noticed that the HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar put out its tables and chairs this weekend so it seems a good time to revisit the issue of sidewalk dining in Northfield (that’s a Tag link to all our blog posts on the subject since 2006.)

Plus, there are two more Division St. eating/dining establishments opening this year.

I blogged last November that “Northfield’s sidewalk dining ordinance has been in effect since early 2008 but only one establishment has taken advantage of the alcohol clause: the HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar. Five others have not. It might be helpful to find out why.”

Ross sent me a link a week ago to a blog called cooltownstudios that has a series of posts on outdoor cafe districts. (The blog is part of the bigger CreativeCrowdSource project.)

One of those blog posts is titled How to crowdsource an outdoor cafe district and it links to a forum thread on related attempts.  The overview of how to do it:

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Under the proposed new sidewalk dining ordinance, would the above type of sidewalk consumption of non-alcoholic food and beverages not be allowed anymore unless the business got a permit? In the second paragraph of the ordinance, there is a sentence that reads:

“Similarly, and as provided by chapter 14, article V of this code, a purveyor of food and beverages on premises located in such districts who is not a liquor licensee may, on an annual basis, apply for a permit to use such an area for the sale and service of food and beverages other than alcoholic beverages.”

Would it matter if customers just carry out their purchases for consumption on the sidewalk, but the establishment’s wait-staff don’t sell or service on the sidewalk?

Also, in the Nfld News story, Outdoor dining passes first round with council, Victor Summa raised other issues at Monday’s Council mtg:

Speaking before the council Monday, Summa wondered why the proposal didn’t include the word “sidewalk,” requires a landlord to consent if their tenant takes advantage of the ordinance, and asks business owners to carry more than $1 million in insurance.

See Pages 36-40 of the May 5 ouncil Agenda Packet (PDF) or the plain text here:

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