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When it snows enough for the City of Northfield to haul it from downtown, it’s dumped at the rodeo grounds and parking lot at Babcock Park adjacent to the dog…


Dumping snow at Babcock ParkI noticed that it was mainly trucks from Thiele Trucking of Owatonna hauling downtown snow to Babcock Park yesterday morning. A separate contract is awarded each year for the plowing of the nine City parking lots. Evidently City workers and City-owned equipment are used for everything else snow-related.

When we first moved to Northfield in the mid-70s, garbage-hauling was done by City workers using City-owned trucks. At some point, a decision was made to contract it all out to Waste Management. Updated Jan. 5, 7 pm: Not true. See comment #5 below by Dave DeLong and my following comment.

In September, Chicago Mayor Richard Daly considered using private snowplow drivers for city’s side streets: