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Reviewing the public-private services for Northfield’s snow plowing and removal

Dumping snow at Babcock ParkI noticed that it was mainly trucks from Thiele Trucking of Owatonna hauling downtown snow to Babcock Park yesterday morning. A separate contract is awarded each year for the plowing of the nine City parking lots. Evidently City workers and City-owned equipment are used for everything else snow-related.

When we first moved to Northfield in the mid-70s, garbage-hauling was done by City workers using City-owned trucks. At some point, a decision was made to contract it all out to Waste Management. Updated Jan. 5, 7 pm: Not true. See comment #5 below by Dave DeLong and my following comment.

In September, Chicago Mayor Richard Daly considered using private snowplow drivers for city’s side streets:

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9.5 inches and downtown is all cleaned up

Snow piles downtown Northfield Snow cleanup operation NWS snowfall map 
According to blogger and meteorologist Paul Douglas, Northfield got 9.5 inches of snow yesterday, making downtown parking and walking, um, challenging. No problemo today, as crews worked all night to haul it all away.  See Adam Gurno’s Winter storm round-up on Northfield.org for links to snow-related posts and photos around the Northfield blogosphere. Two more photos:

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Parking downtown today? Wear boots.

snowpiles downtown NorthfieldYes, the streets and city parking lots were plowed last night. No, the snow was not removed from downtown. The 6 am photo outside the GBM where I’m blogging this is proof.

We dealt with this issue back in December with the blog post, City’s downtown snow plowing/snow removal policy: dumb-ass or not?  I stand by City Adminstrator Joel Walinski and the City street department’s policy. So qwitcherbellyaching, Bart. Park that Hummer of yours and get out there and dig some trenches for me.

Downtown streets in the winter: good, bad, or ugly?

Downtown building owner and resident Bart ‘put your money where your mouth is’ de Malignon has a letter to the editor in this week’s Northfield News titled, Downtown streets aren’t that clean.

Bart de MalignonWith all due respect to our city workers and their late-night shifts, our downtown streets are a mess. Intersections, crosswalks and curbs are full of snow and slush. According to Joel Walinski, “The city’s standard is to plow streets – curb to curb – within twelve hours after the snow ends.” Saying it doesn’t make it so.

I walked through Bridge Square at noon on Thursday, the 24th, and the streets are still a mess. Friends and family visiting from other communities ask me, “What gives with the snow removal?” If downtown building owners, tenants and residents are required to park off-street at night from December to March, why can’t the city meet their standard and really plow “curb-to-curb?”

Here’s a link to the article in last week’s Northfield News that  Bart was responding to: How they plow: City, county, MnDOT march to own beats.