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Christmas 2009: A snowstorm to remember? Not!

I’ve loved snowstorms ever since I was a little kid and heard the stories of the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 in which my grandfather froze to death. (I wasn’t born yet.)

I sure hope this storm, which is shaping to be similar to the the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, doesn’t disappoint.  So far, so good, though west of the Cities looks like the prime target right now.

1:30 pm snowfall prediction from the Twin Cities NWS

This 1:30 pm snowfall prediction map is from the Twin Cities NWS.

For you Twitterers, the hashtag to follow is #snowmageddon.

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Photo album: Arb in winter

Yesterday morning’s Alberta clipper dusted us with an inch or two of snow, prompting me to try my hand at another round of macro photos (see the autumn album) in the  Carleton Arb. I’ll probably add to this album over the next week as a parade of snow ‘event’s’ are predicted to march through southern Minnesota. 

See the album of 16 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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9.5 inches and downtown is all cleaned up

Snow piles downtown Northfield Snow cleanup operation NWS snowfall map 
According to blogger and meteorologist Paul Douglas, Northfield got 9.5 inches of snow yesterday, making downtown parking and walking, um, challenging. No problemo today, as crews worked all night to haul it all away.  See Adam Gurno’s Winter storm round-up on Northfield.org for links to snow-related posts and photos around the Northfield blogosphere. Two more photos:

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