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    It seems like our fall colors came on fast last week.  I took these photos yesterday morning on the St. Olaf campus along Hwy 19 where some of the…

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St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower was featured on MPR’s new Minnesota Today service this week in a Minnesota Sounds piece titled Northfield: Memorial wind chimes ring through St. Olaf.

A wooden tower on the quad at St. Olaf College houses 21 sets of wind chimes. Built in 2003, the tower and its chimes memorialize students who have died while attending the college.

The chimes are tuned to D, the key of the hymn "Beautiful Savior." On windy days, the sound of the chimes reaches almost every corner of campus. Pastor Bruce Benson tells the story of the college’s memorial wind chimes and what their sounds signify.

When the sun came out on Tuesday, I took some photos of the Memorial Chime Tower. I tried to capture the sounds but the noise of jets, trains and nearby construction machinery kept interfering.

St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime TowerMac Gimse 
There’s a poem on a placard attached to the tower, written by Mac Gimse, Professor Emeritus of Art. I found the text of it online in his speech for the Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at St. Olaf College on April 21, 2006:

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mayologoNfld News: Mayo announces $10 million facility in Northfield.

St. Olaf President David Anderson sent out this email earlier today

Dear Oles and Colleagues:

I am writing to inform you of a pending development that involves a parcel of land owned by the College on the far northern edge of campus.

Mayo Clinic is proposing the development of a radiation oncology treatment center in Northfield. The facility will be located near Northfield Hospital. The center’s patients will have access to services provided by the hospital.

Mayo is considering an approximately 3  1/2  acre tract along the south side of North Avenue, with the College leasing that land for construction of the new center. Once completed, the 13,000 square foot facility will allow Northfield area patients to receive oncology services close to home, where before many had to travel more than an hour away for their daily radiation treatments.

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I got this email from a local resident:

Karl Rove posterI think it would be interesting to post something about St. Olaf’s decision to bring in Karl Rove on October 1st to speak.  I am actually quite appalled that our hometown Lutheran college would do such a thing.  Ann Coulter was one thing- she’s an over the top media freak who makes money by being just so.  Karl Rove, kindly known as "Bush’s Brain" is a criminal with little regard for the law or the betterment of our society.  Frankly, I think he’s evil and should be in jail!

The slightly defaced poster on the wall of the GBM (my photo above) has more to say, as well as the blog post on Oleville, by the Political Awareness Committee (PAC) of the St. Olaf Student Government Association (SGA) . (continued)

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