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Northfield should be grateful for the area’s big-box stores, especially the Menard’s in Dundas

In last Sunday’s Strib, Eric Wieffering’s business column was titled Vibrant economies aren’t found only in cities. Citing the recent Trade-Center Hierarchy in Greater Minnesota report by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), Wieffering wrote:

Trade-Center Hierarchy in Greater MinnesotaWhile the survey measures more than retail activity (it includes taxable sales reported by a dozen different industry classification codes), the presence of a single big-box retailer can significantly boost one city’s fortunes at the expense of another.

Schwartau illustrated how that’s happening in Fairmont, a city that doesn’t have a building materials retailer. His analysis suggests people are leaving Fairmont to buy building materials at the Home Depot in Mankato. Once they get there, it only stands to reason that they’re more likely shop for other things as well, such as clothes or groceries.

The anti-big-box crowd might say this illustrates exactly why small cities should be discouraged from recruiting chain retailers, but Schwartau suggests the opposite might be true. The best way for Fairmont to protect its local retail base might be to recruit its own big-box home improvement store.

From the report:

Destiny is not preordained. Cities of similar size and location often experience different outcomes. Albert Lea in southern Minnesota appears to be outperforming nearby Austin. Owatonna has outperformed Faribault. Cities can change their own vitality by making conscious decisions and investments. For example, Owatonna was successful in attracting Cabela’s, Target, Lowe’s, Walmart, and an outlet shopping center, thus becoming a retail destination.

Menard'sAre Northfielder’s grateful that there’s a Menards and a K-Mart just across the border in Dundas, as well as a Target nearby, just inside our city limits?

I am.  It saves having to make a lot of trips to the south Metro or to Faribault.

I wonder, though, if more couldn’t be done to attract those who travel to the area for our big-box stores to our downtown. Any ideas?

Target joins Locally Grown to lower community decency standards

Target's Valentine's Day cardsYesterday’s Strib ran an AP article about how the Vermont Country Store catalog has started selling sex toys and related items.  Target also sells a whole line of sexual health items on its website including dildos for the ladies and vibrating rings for the guys. The Northfield Target had a ‘hot and steamy’ Valentine’s Day card section that was quite good, IMHO. One card pictured a woman holding a wooden dummy saying “He’s short and kind of a dummy, Judy, but he stays hard all night long!”  Another card pictured handcuffs on the front saying “Are you gonna come quietly?” and on the inside “Or are we gonna wake the neighbors?” Clever! Now if only a downtown Northfield retailer would follow Target’s lead on the sex toys. It would save me a ton on shipping costs.